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Hi Shopify experts,


I am an SEO expert and one of my clients is expanding its shop from united kingdom to 5 countries.


Talking about canonical links, the developer showed me the example of Huel website (another Shopify store) with every country linking to the main website as in the screenshot below.  This is what we were thinking about doing for my client.


Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 11.28.18.png


Can you guys confirm, through this code, the page to index is and every different URL point to that direction?


Is it a good idea for my client's shop? I am not sure why Huel wants to rank Huel UK rather than the US but I guess because I am in the UK. 


Thanks in advance for your support. 


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I guess, the canonical has effect only in the internal website. 


If your website has outside of the country, please use this one ->


Hi Francesco,


I have some framework code in my Shopify SEO guide to implement hreflang.


If you have multiple Shopify stores serving different regions, then it is SEO best practice to implement hreflang tags. The caveat to this:


The hreflang tag tells Google what version of the page (in this case, from what store) Google should serve to users. The tags are explained more in this guide. Canonicalisation usage for multi-lingual stores across multiple domains, can be managed with manual hreflang and rel="canonical" tags when the URL structure across all websites is the exact same. Usability and SEO problems are painful when one of the stores does not have all of the same pages, products, and collections. hreflang tags will point to non-existent pages to produce 404s.


The more impacting part of the problem arises with a change of language in URLs. Part of healthy usability and SEO is keeping URL usage consistent throughout a website. This means not alternating between “http” and “https” or “www” and “non-www” or never linking to mobile versions of the store on the desktop version. In this case, not having English URLs for non-English stores. When non-English URLs are used, canonicalisation management becomes impossible for a store with large SKUs. 404s occur and link juice gets diluted across pages.

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And further to your question about Huel's setup with the UK being the default hreflang canonicalization. I agree, it is a bit strange. The only reason I think they would do that is because the UK is their primary market and they want Google to serve it to a wider European audience.

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