Cart promotion conundrum. Help please!

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We run a custom templat on our site that only highlights our flagship product, however we have loaded other products into the hidden pages on our site. 

I want to offer specials and various promotions at checkout, but I am not finsing the exact app/method to do it and wondering if someone can help. 

Is there an app that will allow me to offer "Free Sheets with purchase" for example AND not duplicate my sku's for my inventory system connected to shopify?

We want to be able to tie this to a promo code for tracking as well, but Shopify only allows % or $ discounts and not product adds. 

The BOGO promotional cart products don't seem to be quite what we are looking for because they aren't tied to a code. 

Any help would be appreciated. 

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Have you tried Product Discount and Product Upsell by Bold?

Here is a video that explains how the work together:

Ronen Amit, Inbound Marketing for eCommerce Growth