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Hey all


Just launching my site and starting to do the marketing.

I am having trouble on what categories/groups I should market to.

I know my prices are high so am aiming for middle/upper clase who like artisan, craft products that can actually be used daily

Just look for the right words, categories, hashtags to use.

Am marketing on Pinterest, Instagram & Facebook.

Website: ;



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Hey James,

I’ve taken a look through your site and I think you’ve got some really neat products. I love how unique each item is and that everything is handmade! I think with the right marketing, and reaching the right audience, your products will do very well! 

Looking at your Facebook page, I see you have the Shop Now button - awesome! Some other suggestions I have for you are that you could look into doing some Facebook ads, these will give you the ability to target a specific audience. You can select demographics such as location, age, gender, etc. when you are creating your ad. I’ve personally found these to be very effective and you can decide how much you want to spend on your ads. I’d recommend starting with a modest budget and see how the ad goes, then you can tweak along the way. Ascetically I’d suggest changing your cover photo to one with your products, this will give visitors a quick glance at what your page is all about. You could also include more details about who you are and what Latitude 174 is on your Facebook page.

Instagram is my personal favourite social media platform. Along with Pinterest, Instagram is a great place to explore your interests. Checking out your Instagram I notice that you could be adding a lot more hashtags to your posts. To make hashtags faster and more efficient, I would suggest that you create a note on your phone with hashtags, then copy and paste the hashtags when you post a new photo - it’ll save your from typing them out each time. Some hashtags you could use are:

#newzealand #handforged #handmade #unique #authentic #kitchen #beer #craftbeer #crafts #blacksmith #hooks #personalize #spoon #kiwiartists #home #homegoods #utensils #smallbatch #locallymade #local #keepitlocal #food 

Remember with hashtags, you can use up to 30 in an Instagram post and really anything goes so get creative! I often include the day of the week in my hashtags, my location, and other details about the photo/business. When you type in a new hashtag it tells you how many people have used the hashtag, this is a really helpful function because you want to be using popular hashtags. You should also start following people who are doing something similar to you, check out who is following them and start to engage with those followers. You can also look through hashtags and “like” peoples photos, it’s a great and easy way to get yourself some exposure and reach people who share a common interest. 

Onto Pinterest, you could make a few different boards. So one could be your products, and then you could also create other boards with products that you might be inspired to make - this is a good way to engage with others on Pinterest. 

I also find that video is very impactful. If you can give people a sneak peak about how you create your products, a behind the scenes look, that can be very impactful. It can even be just a quick 30 second snippet on Instagram - nothing too fancy! 

Shopify also has some great videos that I would recommend taking a look at! 

Sidenote: I noticed that your product care page isn't working. 

I hope some of this information will help guide you in the right direction. 


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Hey James,

Some words that come to mind are #rustic, #rusticmodern, #vintage,  and #ironworks. If you're intending on spamming hashtags on place likes instagram, I would include everything that's applicable like #kitchen, #furtniture, #interiordesign etc.

I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out. :)