Cause Marketing Questions

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My business partner and I are interested in donating around 10% of our profits to the humane society. We're wondering what the potential legal issues and other pitfalls are with cause marketing. We can't just list that that's what we're doing can we? Do we have to seek permission from the orginization first and work out an agreement with them or can we just donate as we make sales?

Any and all advice is appreciated. 

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Hey bud just checked out your website i love the idea! just to let you know you might want to have some type of contact link of some sort 


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Hi Shanti, 


Paul here from Shopify - great question and it's awseome that you want to donate some of your profits to charity! 

Regarding the facilitation of this, you could use an app like Share the Love to organise donating money from your customers purchases. 

The best way to organise this with a specific charity is to reach out them directly and find out what agreement (if any) you need to have with them. This would help you maintain transparency when handling the donations and they can advise you on the best way to transfer any donations you receive to them directly. 

Let us know if you need any more help with this!