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Hi, the title pretty much explains what I am after. I want to change some of the URLS from our domain name/pages or /collections to just our domain/TITLE and scrap the "pages" or "Collection" before. Anyone point me in the right direction?


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Hi, @Karl_Huckerby!


Katy here from Shopify. I hope all is well with you!


I understand what you are trying to do here, however there is no way to shorten or rearrange this URL structure at this time. This is in-built into the Shopify platform.

What you can do however is edit the handle or end of the URL structure. Eg: /pages/page-title. This can be done in the website SEO section like so. Or you could create URL redirects or shorteners like / custom short domains. This would not change the end pathway, but would help shorten the link.


Can I ask why you are trying to do this? If it is for SEO purposes, do rest assured that your SEO will not be negatively impacted by this. We have over 800,000 stores on our platform, and this is working well. The URL structure would not affect your ranking particularly not compared to something such as the quality of the content on your site. One thing that I would recommend is to optimize your URLs by ensuring that your page name includes the appropriate key words relevant to your content.


To give you some more context on the reasoning for this, Shopify is built on Ruby on Rails-  this uses rooting which in turn uses paths to pull information from the Admin. There is some more info on the specifics of how this works here.


I hope this helps to clarify for you.




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