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You’ve already done great job. Everything is quite well categorized. Though if you align  all products on product category pages more accurate, it will further improve look and feel of the pages and make browsing more comfortable. The text looks a little bit oversaturated with keywords, it contains 96 words and we found at least 8 keywords within this text. Besides you’ve highlighted several keywords within the text. Most probably you did it to add them value from SEO point of view. But these keywords look like links now and confuse users a bit.

At the same time you didn’t use the potential of Title meta tag for SEO to its full capacity. We would add more relevant keywords into this meta tag.

It also seems there are some problems with indexing your project by search engines. Generally we found around 44 pages in Google index, but for example the page is missing.

If you add more SEO optimized texts to each product category (but be careful, the text should not be oversaturated with keywords) you will definitely benefit from it and increase chances to be ranked high in SERP for relevant keywords.

It seems there are some technical and SEO issues on the project that prevent you from being well indexed and ranked by search engines. And these issues require deeper investigation. You have a very good project with useful products. It’s a pity if people won’t be able to find you in Google search results because of these issues. So we would strongly recommend you to hire some SEO provider for a deeper one-time SEO audit of your project (not necessarily our company, though we also provide such services). This will be one-time investment with long term positive effect. Your niche doesn’t seem to be highly competitive. So you will benefit even from one-time SEO tweaks. With any questions, mail me at
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Hi Hanna

would appreciate your views and feedback on my site thanks


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We would make the layout more compact (decrease gaps between your logo and the menu on the homepage, decrease gaps between breadcrumbs and Mens Aprons title).

“Free Australia wide shipping” and “moneyback guarantee” should be also highlighted on your product category pages ( and and on each separate product page (like The reason is that many visitors will land directly to your product category pages and product pages and won’t see your homepage.

We would also recommend you to add Buy button for each product listed on your homepage and on product category pages.

As for SEO issues – you need onsite SEO optimization for relevant keywords. Please check the reply from Elena Ruchko to Tanay Mehta above in this thread on how to do it. Elena’s post contains also some links to tutorials that will give you even more information.

If you have any issues in the future, please feel free to contact me here or at With any questions, mail me at
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Thanks for the advice Hannah : )

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Thank you so much for your advice Hannah. Will definitively implement it.
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Hello Rachel!


I have looked through your website ; As to the SEO, my college Elena Ruchko has already given you some great advice on how to optimize your website. I think you really need to do a keywords research and select keywords (around 10 or so) first of all for such pages as main page and page with product categories. The winning way would be to focus on long tail keywords as they not too much competitive and drive quality traffic. You should optimize three key elements: titles, headings with H1 tag and texts. I read you wrote in other thread you are working on optimizing your websites texts right now, so it is a good chance to optimize them for the keywords too.

Now let’s talk about usability side:  Buttons “Register” and “Login”. If the buyer can do everything without signing up it would be good to highlight how the user will benefit it he creates an account.

Knitting Yarn section. I see that you have divided the yarn by the brand and also when I am within this category I can use the filter by material. But what if I as a user want to search for the yarn by brand and material at once? So it would be wise to create the filter allowing to search by two parameters at once.  

Also, when I see these product pictures and their name and price below it is not quite obvious that they are links and are clickable. It would be good to make them more obvious so they won’t look as a plain text. ( please see the picture attached). Also, I would add the “Buy” button near this product pictures, that would be good.

The same goes for the elements “Just arrived”, “Sales” they also don’t look as links.

Knitting patterns: in the filter which is in this category there are different categories mixed up,  such as “dress”, “blanket”, “women”, etc. But what if I want to choose “women” and “dress” at the same time? I think it is better to make here filter allowing to search by multiple parameters.

Cross sale. Why don’t you try cross selling on your website? For  example, when user is searching for knitting yarn, you can suggest buying corresponding needles, hooks…

As for the product page, for example,, the ADD TO CART button is too large and it looks as something which separates one block of information from another. It would be good make it look as a button. Also, when the user clicks it the next thing which appears is “Thank you” and “Cart”. I think it confuses the user, it would be better if he sees there something like “continue shopping” or “go to the shopping cart”. All in all, I think you should work on this button.

Checkout: you offer to the user two options: just checkout and checkout with PayPal. Just checkout button is  so prominent that it is not clear that the user has actually two options and he might pay with PayPal. Besides a great feature of your site “Shipping estimate” is placed way low on the page, on small screen devices users might not see this cool feature at all.

That is what you saw right now, but I think there are more elements which could be improved so make sure to check our usability guide it will help you!

Also, if I find my answer is helpful, you can leave your feedback here Thank you! With any questions, mail me at
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Hello Mariya!

I have checked your website So you asked about its SEO optimization. In order for your site to be by search engines it should be first: be fully indexed by Google (by fully I mean that there should be all the pages you want Google to see, not those which are better to hide from Google), secondly, your website pages should contain clues which would tell search engine that your website matches the query the internet user has entered, for example “knitting yarn”. How can you do this? By optimizing titles (mention in them several keywords – words which users very frequently enter in the search engines when are looking for the product like yours) , optimizing texts (those keywords which you mention in title you should mention in the text too, please mind that for each separate page you choose different keywords for promotion), optimizing headings with H1 tag (make sure to mention at least one keyword in the page headings, you won’t be able to put there a lot as the headings look good when they are short J).

All these three points are true for your case. For example, on the main page there is no word which would be related to your products, instead it is written in h2 tag “Welcome to my webshop”, it doensn’t tell Google anything about your website specialization.  As to the text I would also make it larger   - specifically, for main page and pages with product categories such as,, etc. 

One important note: please monitor that your website pages doesn’t have duplicate text – I noticed that some parts of texts are repeated from page to page (please see the attachment). It is super dangerous for website rankings, if Google notices that text is duplicated on several pages he will consider these pages as duplicates and will decrease their rankings.  By the way, duplicates my appear not only in texts, but in titles and descriptions as well, so please monitor this issue in Google Webmaster Tools under HTML improvements.

Duplicate pages is a great issue and could be of many kinds – it is important to avoid any of them.  For example, on your website, I noticed the following: the same page opens for two different URLS – with / at the end and without it  - this is duplicate, you should avoid it –set the redirect from page with / at the end to corresponding page without it.  Another duplicate page issue on your site is that the same page open with URL consisted on small letters and with URL containing some capital letters, for example, and  ; - you should set redirect  so that any variants redirect to the URL with small letters. Lastly, if the user types in browser line just, it receives the notification that the page could not be found. Set the redirect which would automatically take the user to the ; page.

To improve website indexation by the search engine make sure that you have submitted xml sitemap to webmaster tools. Another moment is to regularly update this sitemap when new products are added.

Links to the website is another very important element. You can earn links in different ways, for example, you can write posts about knitting and link to your website, or you can participate in the forums – this is a really great option.

What else does Google like? He likes website which doesn’t have any technical problems, most of the issues could be easily monitored in Google Webmaster Tools.  For instance, track the number of 404 errors, they should not increase, check whether any duplicates have appeared in titles or descriptions, etc.

There is one great guide which I would advise you to read to better handle SEO optimization of your website. Please check it here:


Hope it was helpful! Good luck with your business!  And if you feel I have helped you with your question, please leave your feedback here , thank you. With any questions, mail me at
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You sell unique products and actually you sell emotions to your visitors. So as a user I should get inspired by your website and products, so we’d recommend you to make the look and feel of your project more appealing.

I’d also add some text on the homepage describing the uniqueness of the product, maybe providing some interesting facts about how they are manufactured, or maybe you have some other interesting info related to your products.

Besides if I’m looking for a lantern, I’d like to get a closer look to the product itself, check it closer and from various angles to understand how to fit it into my room.

For a wooden lantern I’d like to understand how waterproof it is and if I could use it on my terrace or balcony.

Links to Boutique and À propos should look like links and menu items. Search field is usually highlighted and is designed in a more obvious manner.

Frankly speaking when I first landed on your homepage I didn’t understood that it’s an Ecommerce website selling lamps and lanterns. For me it looked more like a page with several lamp images. So we would recommend you make it more ”traditional”, with separate product menu and main menu with About us, Press, Delivery, Contact us etc. items.

From SEO point of view you need to optimize your project towards relevant keywords. Elena Ruchko has given a good step-by-step recommendation on this in a post to Tanay Mehta above in this thread.

We wish you good luck with your project and hope our recommendations help you! With any questions, mail me at
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Thank you Hanna, you've certainly given me some great pointers to think about! I appreciate the time you've taken.

Warm wishes



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In terms of usability we found no serious issues J Maybe just your sorting option could be improved. Let’s take as example your page. Currently you have 1 filter for at least 3 parameters – by product type (bench, chair), by price and by range. Ideally there should be 3 separate filters for that. Otherwise it is not clear how to sort products using multiple parameters at once. Besides some parameters are not clear. For example what does “sleep” mean? You have a product category page with the same name. And if I choose this parameter within “eat” category I get 3 sideboards.

And one minor issue – your product pages contain a link “by Modish Living” and this link seem to lead to a sorting page by vendor. It makes sense if you have several vendors listed on the site and if those brands are known and people look for them. But in this case it would be good to have corresponding menu item “by vendor” or “by brand”. Though this issue is really minor one.

As for SEO you’ve already done a lot of important things like correct 404 page set up, correct redirects. Your texts seem to unique – we found no duplicate content.

Now you need onsite optimization for relevant keywords. First run a keywords research. This infographics here: and the post about keyword selection: will help you. Then select appropriate keywords for your homepage and product category pages. If you find enough traffic for separate products it makes sense to optimize manually each corresponding product page as well. Fill in your Title met tag with relevant keywords and add relevant keywords to current texts on your pages (we would recommend to write larger texts for your homepage and product category pages to contain all relevant keywords and at the same time to look natural – do not oversaturate them with keywords).

We found just 4 backlinks to your project at the moment. So this is another area that you should pay attention to. You need more links from relevant third-party resources.

Please also have a look at our Small Business SEO Guide: I hope you’ll find more useful information there.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions. With any questions, mail me at