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Hey, Michael!

Firstly, let me tell you how great and trendy the idea of the site is) So I have reviewed your website and ready to provide some recommendations.

  1. The first suspicious thing that I’ve noticed about your site is that there are tons of H1 tags on your catalog pages. On this page there are  13 H1 tags. All of them are links to the product pages. They are hidden in the scripts, here is the screenshot In the ideal SEO world, there should be only 1 H1 tag for each page, usually, it is the main heading of the page and it is written as a plain text and contains one keyword.  So for URL which I mentioned above H1 should be “Beard Oil” (if you don’t find better keyword to optimize this page for).
  2. The duplicates. Your website’s product pages have a few duplicates. Here is the list of duplicates for this URL :

There is canonical tag for all of them which shows that main and original URL is (and that is correct), but the trouble is that there are a lot of links which lead to the different duplicated URL, as it shown on the screenshot - So to solve this problem I can recommend you to ask the programmer to make links only for one type of URL – the original one.

  1. You have the Blog on your website, but I couldn’t find the link to it from the navigation elements. Also it is almost empty. I would advise to search for informational keywords (how to groom beard, what wax is better to use, etc.) and write interesting and engaging articles for each keyword. In the articles you can paste links to different products in your shop. Also such blog will help you to improve returning users share.
  2. It is somewhat challenging to click on the contact page from category pages, because it is dynamically broaden when you reach the bottom of the page. Move contact page to the top or make pagination instead of «autobroaden» list of products.
  3. Your website has pretty poor semantic core, I would say. You should improve it. As it is shown in the following screenshot you can see that your website is ranking only for 130 keywords (buy the way it is only for US traffic, in UK this list is almost empty, I will talk about it later). Here is the screenshot with the list of possible keywords only for one category (beard oil) (around 79 possible keywords only for one category).  Use Google Keyword Planner or Semrush to search for new commercial keywords.  Having selected those keywords,  you can optimize pages Title, Description, H1 tags (each page for separate group of keywords). For example, these are meta data and H1 for your main Beard category page, which you can use.
    1. Title: Beard care products: oil, grooming, trimming, styling – store
    2. Description (here you got right direction – it is right to use the template for description, but try to make it more unique for each page): Beard care products including oil, combs, grooming, trimming etc. at store. Telephone: 07792 938 788. Buy beard care products today and receive FREE DELIVERY on all UK orders!
    3. H1: Beard Care Products

So here I used more than just “beards”  keywords (beard products, beard care products, beard grooming products, beard styling products, beard store etc.). So what I recommend you is to improve your sematic core with all possible keywords, then group them and assign to the different pages.

Hope my tips were helpful)

Regards, Lena With any questions, mail me at
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Hi, Jeff!

Great niche store, first of all! Now what I have found:

  1. If you look at the screenshot you will see that some of pages are loading up to 30 seconds. , recommended page loading speed is 3-4 seconds.
    1. First of all you can compress images without losing the quality.
    2. You can show to the user fewer products on one paginate page. There are about 50 products now. You can make it at least 25.
  2. All links to your product pages from category pages are made with H headers. H1-H6 tags should be used only in a plain text. So for example here is the number of H headers  on this page .
  3. After reviewing the backlink profile of your website, I can say that you are using very dangerous techniques in link building (you use too many aggressive anchors - this  looks very unnatural. Check your Google Webmaster Tools mail, maybe Google sent you a letter with manual actions to your website because of unnatural links.  I see that you also have a drop in traffic  and the when the traffic drop began doesn’t correspond with the time when you lost the links (probably because of moving the site, as you mentioned. Here is how your competitor does the link building -
  4. All the description on your website are empty or contain duplicated text from main content on the page. It is better to use template for all pages, at least. However, much better will be to enhance your semantic core with long-tail keywords for each category. Here is an example of description template: Star Wars Cufflinks shop - Phone: (800) 985-9762. Star Wars Cufflinks - Free ground shipping on all orders!
  5. And, as always, I recommend working more on optimization for keywords. As you can see here there are 2 590 potential keywords which are connected with the cufflinks niche which you can use on your website. Some of these keywords can be used as a topic for blog posts. You can investigate new keywords with the help of Google Keyword Planner (it is free) or Semrush (it is a paid service). On top of that there plenty of other less famous tool which you can use to search for keywords:


Let me know if you have any questions left. Mail me at

Regards, Lena With any questions, mail me at
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Hey there,

Just opened store and have absiolutely no idea on what Im doing. Just hoping you could have quick look and see if Im on the right track or can point out any glaringly obvious erros. Havent finsihed product despcriptions yet - I think the first 10 products listed in the catalog have been done so if you could look at a few of them and let us know if Im on the right track. Just dont want to waste any more time if im doing it incorrectly. Just for the record - its a shop selling gay and lesbain clothing and there are a few suggestive pics



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Thank you for your time and your ideas.  We really appreciate it.

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Hey, if you have a spare few mintures we would really appricate if you could have a look at our site and offer any pointers on SEO, product descriptions marketing etc.

We moved from EKM Powershop to Shopify in April so its still all new to us. We paid an expert to help us design the site but all the product descriptions and images are our work.

We still have quite a lot of products to upload some some of the categories say coming soon but hoping to be finished by the end of the year ready for next Spring but just want to check we are on the right path. 

Since April 1st we have had 9915 unique vistors, 2.16% added to cart, 0.88% reached checkout and 0.79% purchased. We do have a google adwords express campaigne which costs us about £70 per month on average.

Our competitors, or who we aspire to be would be or

Here is an example of 1 of our products and I have written the the meta tag / seo description below...

Product Name: Crystal Hair Pins - Amber

Bullet Point Description:

Gorgeous amber crystal rhinestone hair pins

Set of 10

Silver tone metal finish hair pins bejewelled with a single faceted amber crystal

Size - Each pin measures 6.5cm long with a crystal rhinestone measuring 0.7cm

A must have hair accessory to help create a beautiful wedding hairstyle and also great for prom hair and special occasions

Add a touch of sparkle to your look with these dazzling crystal hair pins

SEO page title: Crystal Hair Pins - Amber

SEO description: Buy these amber crystal rhinestone hair pins. A must have hair accessory to help create a beautiful wedding updo hairstyle with a touch of sparkle


Thanks in advance


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This brother needs major help- I just say your post can you help me out

My site is Anything you do to help would be a blessing. 

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Hey Lena,

first of all I appreciate your help, you're doing a great job!

Maybe you could take a look at our store, too? Online since about a year:

Thanks a lot!


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Thank you so much for all the advise you shared.  Unfortunatlely i have no idea of what most of you were saying means (H1, Tags, etc) I am reasearching everything you said.

Again thanks so much>

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Hi Karen!  


Thank you for kind words, really) It is true that it requires some basic knowledge of seo things. I am currently writing the guide , but it goes very slowly. I would recommend you to look at this video we shared some time ago. You might find some explanation for terms you don't know. and   

Regards, Elena With any questions, mail me at
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Hi, Joe!

The main issue you should pay attention to is your semantic core and optimization for keywords. For example, if you look at you birthday cards page, you will not find any keywords. As a result, keyword you are ranking for at present, do not drive traffic to your store at all. There is a huge amount of keywords for such category - as you can see, there are over 9000 possible keywords, you can find such somewhat high-volume keywords as well as less competitive with 700-500 and below search volume per month, and optimize for them your product and category pages.  You can add subcategories for different types of birthday cards (birthday cards for him, birthday cards for her), and optimize those pages for each group of keywords (write Titles, Descriptions, H1, texts).

As an example, check possible title, description, H1 for the page with Mother’s Day Greeting Cards.

Title: Mother’s Day greeting cards – PaperFreckles

Description: Buy greeting cards for Mother’s Day with PaperFreckles store. Phone 804.502.9595, Email:

H1: Mother’s Day Greeting Cards

Set up 301 redirect from the previous version of your website to the new one as they create duplicates at present.

Also, look at this screenshot All these links are leading to your old shop address. You should change them all to the new one.

Let me know if you have any specific questions left.

Regards, Lena. With any questions, mail me at