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What a wonderful idea. Thanks for doing this - would love your assistance on helping to improve my site's profile.
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Hello Ashley!


There are three key elements which help your website get promoted in the search results – page titles which contain keywords, heading with H1 tags containing keywords and inbound links leading to your site with right anchor text. 

In this discussion posts we have already mentioned how to optimize the titles and headings for the keywords, so please check the posts above.  I would say you need to choose around 10 main keywords for each page and then incorporate them in the titles, texts and headings. For headings use no more than 1-2 keywords.

I have checked what keyword you could use – there is plenty of options . Please see the image I attach. This is as an example.  And you really can make the use of long keywords, such as “american flag high waisted shorts” – they show very specific user need and this is great because you have more chances to meet this need and get conversion.

As to usability side, I would advise to align all the links at the top in one line – I mean those home, about us, tops…. By the way, About Us link I would recommend to place somewhere in separate place, for example, at the right top corner.

Next, I love your jeans shorts (honestly!) they look fabulous, but this main picture on the main page is too large, user has to scroll down a lot to see the items and information. At the same time you should write more content for the page cause it is too little and you won’t be able to include all needed keywords there. Generally speaking search robots love texts J.

When you get to the product page, for example; again you have to scroll down  and scroll down until you see the filter, price and add to cart button. Move it upwards.


About us page. The latest news link doesn’t work at all. At this point I would recommend to run a blog for your website, it will be good for your store rankings. You topic is great and there are a lot of ideas as to what to write about. Some clues you may get even from the keywords, for example, “ how to wear high waisted shorts”,  “how to style high waisted denim shorts”.  I think you can use video for promotion too  - your niche is good for this.

Lastly, I would mention check out process. It is has around 5 steps which a lot for the user to complete the purchase – think of ways how to simplify this process.


Hope it will help you!
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Thank you for your help!


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Hello Lora,  

Frankly speaking, the website is really great. I wasn't able to find any obvious issues in terms of user experience design. Checkout page, "add to card" button is great. The only thing that I would add is a quick view button on a category overview page. 

As for the SEO the scope for improvement is really huge, starting from "title" improvement to fixing the duplicates.

As I can see now the website's positions and therefore traffic and sales from organic is significantly low. You have about 20 keywords in top 20. I believe your prior market is the US though I have found international shipping options on the checkout page. I have also reviewed the number of backlinks to your website and it seems that at the moment you have only 50 backlinks from the 23 referring domains. For such competitive niche this is a very small amount, Google simply doesn’t consider the website as a valuable and therefore it will not rank it high in the SEPR.

To let Google understand that the site is great and it should be rank high, the best bet will be to start from internal website’s optimization. In that way SE will be able to associate it with the relevant keywords. Speaking further it will be necessary to add the texts on the category pages and fix the duplicated content.

I’ve found some cross domain duplicates on the product page like here here The fact is that such duplicated content is risky for the project. Google pays great attention to duplicates and the website can be decreased in rankings just because of that. The content should be rewritten, or as a compromise, you can add some user reviews there to make the page more unique than it is now.

After all the mentioned above will be fixed you can move on to the link building. Backlinks are also a great sign for SE that the website is valuable. They are trying to pay more attention to social signals still backlinks are also considered as a vote. There are a lot of methods of acquiring them but please don’t do any black hat methods or outsource this work to a low level SEO agency. All the backlinks should be from thematic websites or forums or blogs.

Hope this should give you a general overview of the possible strategy, and how to move further. If you need the detailed description about any points that I’ve mentioned, feel free to post questions here or contact me directly at that is much much better.

Good luck with your project Lora. With any questions, mail me at
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Thank You so much for your review i am going to start reviewing all my dupes to try and make them better. I hope it helps. Thank You again great work. Is great and Hanna is even better.

Thank You, Lora
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We've juste finished our site, and some little advices should be greatly appreciated :)

Thank you for your proposal!

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Hey Hanna,

Thanks for the feedback.  I'm going to take some time this weekend to look it over and try and implement your suggestions!

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Hi I just chucked though the new grader ( and I get a  error that the sites title tag is too long (should be under 70 characters) but it looks fine to me. Am I missing something here?

Any other feedback in much appreciated! : )

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Thanks for the offer! My site is