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Thank you in advance! ;

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Hi there - just came across this thread - I have built this site and am looking for some seo advice - havent really done anything specific - would be grateful for any feedback.






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  Hello Kayin!


Loved the idea of your website  - cool. Now let’s proceed to recommendations.

The first thing which concerns SEO is website page optimization for keywords. Specifically, titles, headings with H1 tag and texts. I described several times in this thread how to do keyword research and optimize page for the keywords, so please kindly read posts above. If you still have any question you may write me to and I will be glad to explain you the details. I will just highlight that this is a very important moment, because Google looks at what is written in titles, texts and headings during ranking process. As to the text I would add more of it to your site pages.  

I suppose that your site is new and you are planning to grow its assortment ... I have checked your website in Google index – there are only 35 search results so far. It seems very little; please check that your xml sitemap contains all urls from your website. Also, when you will add new products or categories, make sure to reflect this changes in xml sitemap too.

When I was checking your website links I saw you have pretty much links from forums – this is great, keep it up!  One more tip – you can make the use of Google alert to always know when people are looking for anime t-shirt on web, probably, this way you will also find new forums which will generate quality links for you.

What is really harmful in terms of SEO is duplicate content, for ecommerce stores it is especially common because many products have very small differences and  that is why texts for them are identical. Please make sure that each page has unique content. The same goes for titles and description – they should be repeated. It is to identify such pages with duplicate titles and description in the HTML Improvements under Search Appearance in Google Webmaster Tools.

To please Google you can also add html sitemap to your site – this way you will show to Google that you care about your site visitors and try to offer the best user experience.

As to the website navigation.  I think you may add breadcrumbs to your website. In short breadcrumbs are secondary navigation elements  that show the user’s location in a website, it is very important for optimal user experience as at each and every moment the user should understand where he is in the website and how he can move backwards or proceed further.    

Filters. I would also make search on your website more advanced, it is a beneficial feature of ecommerce stores. I would allow search on your site by categories, colour, size, etc. I searched for your website competitors according to the keywords you have with them in common.  Some of them are,,, Check  what kind of filters and search they use, probably, they will hint you for something else as well.

I have looked through your blog, I would work more on it, fill it with interesting and catchy information on regularly basis – when Google looks at your site and evaluates your website relevance to the given search query, thanks to blog as well he will see that your website is full of relevant information and thus your website is good match for the search query user has typed.

As I mentioned before, I love the product you sell and think you will success if incorporate into your strategy promotion on Pinterest and Instagram.

There are definitely more basic SEO and usability things that you could implement on your website quickly and on budget.  Download for free our SEO and usability guides and you will be able to get more actionable tips for your store promotion  ,

Hope it will be helpful, feel free to write me back! With any questions, mail me at
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Thank you so much for all the suggestions. I will definitely put them to use.

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I'm so happy to have found this topic, we would love your advice please!

Thank you!

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Spice. Sweet. Savory. Hot.
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I've just started my online store and I am completely lost in all the SEO documentation...

I'd highly appreciate your help!

Thank you very much in advance!

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Google sees your current homepage title as "Informal Organic Tea New Zealand. | Welcome". You can check it by entering "" command in

If you check your homepage via this link here: you will get the same result for the homepage – your current title is "Informal Organic Tea New Zealand. | Welcome" with just 43 characters.

Nevertheless we would still recommend you to check the code of your website again because something is still wrong there. We found 2 title meta tags within your code:

<title>Informal Organic Tea New Zealand.: </title>


<title> | Informal Organic Tea New Zealand.</title>

But none of them is indexed by Google.

At the same time it is not clear, where Google and MajesticSEO got the title they show now – we looked for the keyword Welcome within your homepage code and didn’t find it.

So we would definitely double check the code for the project.

As for other issues – you do not know for sure from what sources people came to your homepage. So it would be great to let them know on the first screen of the homepage what your project is about.

Are tea cups your main product? Frankly speaking it’s not quite clear from the photo on the homepage (handmade by us screen) that it is a tea cup and that it can be purchased.

Texts from your project are duplicated on some other resources like But it seems to be OK for the moment because Google treats your website as a source for these texts and ranks it TOP 1 for them.

You have a blog with interesting articles – that’s great. We also hope you use it extensively for SEO purposes like checking the most topical questions in the niche, and publishing SEO-optimized articles covering these questions.

We would do additional keyword research and optimize the project further to fill relevant pages with relevant keywords. You have backlinks from 33 unique domains at the moment, so you’d definitely need additional link support. And we would use your blog more extensively for SEO purposes. With any questions, mail me at
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Hi Hanna,

could you check my site too:

Best regards from Berlin,

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Could you comment on SEO and usability for please?

Thank you in advance