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Hi Hanna,

Will you please look at my site also.



Spice. Sweet. Savory. Hot.
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We found no usability issues on your project. The only thing that is unclear is with “Ich bin mit den allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen einverstanden” checkbox. Is it really necessary to get customers read the whole Agreement? Can you simplify it and make it shorter?

And what if I do not know my “Postleitzahl”? Could I still type the name of my city or town and choose it from a drop down list?

We found no Google Analytics on your website. Maybe you use some other system to collect and analyze metrics of your website. In this case we would recommend you to check your visitors’ behavior, most visited pages and pages with highest bounce rate – if you find that many customers leave your website at the checkout stage – you should definitely think about making AGB-accepting process easier.

As for SEO issues – we found duplicate content on the project. For example these 2 pages here: and

You should also optimize your project towards relevant keywords like “Essen online bestellen” etc. Such keywords should be added to Title meta  tags of corresponding pages and text content. This will help search engines to better associate your project with relevant keywords and improve your rankings.

Feel free to contact us at if you need any further advice on your project. With any questions, mail me at
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Dear Hanna,

thanks a million for you incredible analysis!!! As I said I am brand new in ecommerce and thanks to your review I realized the I made a big mistake in my site organization! To keep the long story short, I created 1 collection per yarn type and brand and I defined the different colours as products. Big mistake! Like this, I have tons of duplicate text! I will work this night to restructure the site and starting working with products and product variants instead.

What I didn't get is the duplicate pages. For example, "the same page opens for two different URLS – with / at the end and without it  - this is duplicate" I do not know if I can influence the creation of the pages. I expected that Shopify is taking care of it. How should I overcome the issue?

Kind regards,



PS I would love to write a review but I cannot figure out how...

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Hi Hanna, thanks a lot for this analysis. I will correct all what you found and contact you soon for a deeper look at my site.

Best regards from Berlin.
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Hi Darryn!


Firstly, I would say that some things are already well done on your website, however, there is still lots of room for SEO optimization. Sorry that I begin again with the same thing I advised other people here, but it is really important and crucial for your website rankings –  keyword research and title, headings, texts optimization.  You should find the keywords which would drive quality traffic to your site (for each page you should select separate keywords) and then write new titles using keywords you have found. The same goes for headings with H1 tag and texts. When you optimize the titles, try to put the most important for promotion keywords at the title beginning.

Texts on the pages are very important – each your website page should have text, especially those which you would like to be ranked in the search results.  For example, this page has almost no text, you should add some.  You main page also doesn’t have text which would talk about your shop and opportunity to buy bags in general, the text in which you could use the keywords you will decide on for promotion. Besides your main page and category pages such as, doesn’t have heading with H1 tags at all.

As to the titles, I would really advise general keywords with which users usually search  for products like yours. Probably, that would be “handbag” or “bag” or something similar – two-word keyword for example. For instance, this page title <title>Betty Carry All (Red) by Imperial Hyde |</title> doesn’t have anything that it is a bag and it can be bought.  

Duplicate content. Very essential issue, cause if the Google find out that two pages of your website has the similar content, it thinks they are fully duplicated and decreases both of them in rankings. Be aware also of the pages which have the same titles and descriptions – each page title and description should be unique, simply monitor this in Google Webmaster Tools and rewrite them when you spot any duplicates.  Be attentive, for example, when you run sales, if you create separate page to offer discount on the bag and at the same time have a normal page with this bag, make sure the texts and titles are different.

What I have found on your website is:

<!--[if !supportLists]-->-          <!--[endif]-->when the bags are sorted by the color , the titles, descriptions and headings are the same. Should be unique for each colour. The same goes for other categories   - and , Jewellery…



You already have bread crumbs on your website like these (check the attachment). It is a great opportunity  to create additional links to your website pages with the right anchor. (anchor texts are texts which are appended to the links, they important because Google looks not only on the links quantity to your website, but also on the words these link feature, it tells the search engine what so valuable is about your site that users link to it). At this point internal linking is also important, so if you make those links form breadcrumbs feature some keywords, this will be beneficial).  

A little bit about usability. Your contact page provides an email, but it is not clickable, this is not very convenient.  In general, please check that all information which users might think is possible to click on is clickable, it will improve their experience on your website.

Simemaps. To improve website indexation by Google and users experience,  firstly, regularly update xml sitemap  with new links and secondly, create a html sitemap on your website, show a link to it.   

Lastly, I have checked you have very few links – you should earn more of them to start being raked well in the search engines.  Possible ways are writing engaging posts, give valuable content, social media promotion and participation in the forums.  You website is Australian, so make sure you get a fair amount of links from .au domains, other possible domains are general domains such as .com, .net,  .org, etc.  

To learn more SEO tricks I would recommend you reading our guide

I hope my advices are helpfulm if you fidn them so, please leave a feedback on our page

Thanks! With any questions, mail me at
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Hello Mariya!


I am so glad I have helped you! Yes, I have to send you the request to leave the feedback first, I have done it alreay, please check. 

As to your question, I mean the same page is opened for two different URL. For example, and  - these are teh same pages, but they are different to Google because they have different URL. To avoid this duplicate problem, you should set 301 redirect from version with slash to the version withoout it. Usually, webmasters or programmers could do this. If any questions, feel free to ask!


Regards, Hanna With any questions, mail me at
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Hello Rachel!


Happy to help!  If you would like to leave a feedback also on our work, please feel free to do it. I have sent you the request already so you could do it. ;-)


Regards, Hanna With any questions, mail me at
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Red Stick Spice,

Sorry for some delay with reply. We haven’t expected such a big amount of requests so the delay with replies takes around 2-3 days now.

I like your website. But why do you mix teas and tea accessories in the same section (I mean Teas)? If I choose Teas section I expect to see teas collection. Maybe it’s not a big issue from usability point of view, but from SEO point of view it is better to have 2 separate landing pages for teas collection and tea accessories.

When I select Teas in your Shop menu I land on the page It looks cool but seems to be excessive. Links for continuing shopping (like View our complete collection of teas and teaware now) are not very easy to find. You have Google Analytics installed on your website. If you have set up goals and sales funnel tracking you can check how people behave on this page and what is the bounce rate here. Maybe you will find out that this page is really excessive and people just get confused on how to continue shopping.

It would also make sence to narrow down the number of parameters for filtering in some cases. For example Section Teas contains filter parameter “all-natural” and it displays just 1 product and it’s … honey :) The same goes for filter “Louisiana” (though the title of the page is “teas tagged Louisiana”).

Buy Local option I’d highlight at a more noticeable place. Offline locations add credibility.

I found your Bodum Bistro Nouveau Tea Press and I like it, though it is sold out at the moment. Can I get some information whether it will be back with “in stock” status? Can I pre-order it or at least let you know that I will be potentially ready to buy it when it’s available again?

With this product here: I’d like to see teas that you’d recommend for this Bombilla instead of seeing mugs in the Related Items section.

From SEO point of view we’d recommend you to optimize Title meta tags for corresponding keywords and add SEO-optimized texts to all relevant pages (homepage, product category pages and product pages).

We also found duplicate content issue on the project. It may harm you rankings considerably. For example if you enter this phrase with brackets in Google: "This decaffeinated Green Tea is delicately flavored with apricots. The apricots" you will see that Google finds a lot of pages with this content. And it is strange, because this text is available only on page. But Google finds this text on all pages where this product is listed within Related Items category like, etc. For some reason Google sees not only the image of this product but also text related to this product.

I hope this post helps you :) With any questions, mail me at
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We’d recommend you to reorganize product categorization. When I land on your homepage current menu doesn’t help me to understand what product categories I can purchase here. And product categorization heavily depends upon traffic sources. If you drive traffic from PPC or SEO to your project for the keywords like “buy soap online” or “buy tea glass mug” you should have corresponding landing pages for that. If you have just 1 glass mug or soap on your website, you can drive such traffic directly to your product pages. But if you have several products in each category – you’d need corresponding product category pages for each category. if you don't know how to categorize your current product range, you can try to make initial keyword research or competitive analysis to understand how people search for such products and how this categorization is organized on your competitors' websites. it would be more convenient for me as a visitor to have filters like “soap”, “towel”, “bath salt”, “shampoo” etc. These parameters are more important instead of Almond, Deep Sea, Cotton etc.

From SEO point of view there are serious problems with indexing in Google. Via command we can see that Google finds 84 pages of your project. But when we try to enter some parts of the text from your pages like “A unique design that resembles hundreds of micro rice pieces spread around, giving a unique character.” Google doesn’t display your project for them, instead, you will find your Facebook page, there. And what is really strange – even indexed pages are https-pages and not http-ones.

Kerim, I highlighted this problem, which is very serious, but in order to help you here there will be required a very deep and thorough investigation of the project which I’m unable to provide you at the moment. We’d really recommend you to involve an SEO provider for a one-time SEO audit of the project. With any questions, mail me at
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Hello Heather.

Glad to see you here in our thread.

As I can see the website had been just launched. I wasn’t able to find any backlinks leading to it still there are about 60 pages in Google index that shows that Google knows about it.

To be frank with you, as you offer unique custom products, I don’t think SEO is something that will help you a lot. Competition for keywords like “custom t-shirts” is really great and you’ll spend a fortune competing with large brands.

Of course internal optimization is very important but if I were you I would pay attention to brand promotion instead of organic. What I mean is a different kind of PR activities, like communication on forums, blogs and so on. That will give you referral traffic and will help to establish a brand name that will eventually lead to brand recognition.

You can have a talk with bloggers and ask them to post a review about the product, or you can create a new forum thread to let people know that you offer such amazing custom t-shorts. There are actually a lot of options of how to do it. You have a Facebook page, use it. It’s also a great way to attract traffic because people like different custom stuff.

As for the SEO sure website’s onsite optimization is a must, I don’t mean it is not important I mean the priorities and goals are a bit different if I understood you right. At the moment I would recommend you to optimize pages’ title meta tags for the beginning. Home page and category pages can be optimized for general keywords like “custom t-shirts” etc. and product pages is better to optimize for low volume keywords like “black man t-shirt with a skull” etc. I’m just giving you the general idea here of how to move on further.

What I’d like also to emphasize is that you have great unique content, I have checked several descriptions on product pages and I wasn’t able to find any duplicates. To make it even better you can add some content on category pages like and etc.  

Speaking about the user experience design it is not obvious from the home page that you are on the ecommerce website. It will be better to make the logo picture smaller and install a slider (banner) instead of it. Here is what I mean: These guys show you the products right from the home page even if you review it using tablet pc or smartphone. I have also noticed that you offer 2XL and 3XL sizes in a separate section “Xtra Options” it will be better to add them to the product page because I’m not sure that a potential buyer will go to the other category to check the availability. Just add them in your ordinary list S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL and mark them as custom, it will be much much better.

Hope this will help you in your business.

If you need the detailed description about any points that I’ve mentioned, feel free to post questions here or contact me directly at that is much better.

Good luck with your project. With any questions, mail me at