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And here goes the second part, Sabrina )


SEO block.

Website indexation. This URL has been found in Google index, ; this means that Google may index pages from search website, it should not be so, cause such pages create duplicates. To avoid this, write in robots.txt Disallow: /search*.

On page optimization.  One of the first things you should do is to optimize website pages  - titles, h1 headers and texts, improve descriptions. I wrote about this before in this thread, so please kindly check. As for your case, you definitely need to add text to the main page as well as category pages. Those texts which are on the product pages, they are likely to contain identical texts – watch this issue cause it may create duplicates which is harmful for your rankings. Page headings you should not only optimize for keywords you will select but also make them visible. For example,  heading  on the main page “NappyKind Boutique” is hidden, it is obvious from the page code, so please make it visible to the search engines.  I would also recommend to improve some pages descriptions as at the moment some of them are not even finished. As this one “Our carefully sewn products are made with love and designed to protect and comfort busy babies and toddlers knees and legs when crawling and taking thei...” is not finished at all.

Duplicates often occur in page titles and descriptions. Especially it is true for filters, for example on your website pages view-source: and

view-source: have similar titles, descriptions…

I am not sure whether it was completely your website fault, but there were several times while I were checking your website that website pages loaded too slowly or didn’t load at all. I checked your website speed, this is what Google suggested for your case (please see the attachment).

Blog optimization. Blog is a great source of website SEO optimization. The first thing you should do is to regularly post new articles which are interesting and useful for the users. Secondly, add to each article you post several low search volume long  tail keywords, chances are that your blog will be found by users thanks to these keywords and after reading the blog users will proceed to shopping.  Additionally, if in the text occur words which directly refer to your product you can make them a link to corresponding website pages. For example,  if you see the word  “baby leggings” you can make it a link to the corresponding page.


Well, I think this information might help you, also you can check our guides on website optimization which could be done on yourself With any questions, mail me at
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Hi Hanna,

I sent an email but no response

Spice. Sweet. Savory. Hot.
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Hello Greg

Thank you for the follow up - we got your email from Sept 4th and since Hanna is on vacation - I did reply from my personal email. Pls can you check if you received response and we could for sure continue discussion there.

Sorry about delay and thank you so much for understanding!

Thank you

Paul With any questions, mail me at
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Hi -

Please check out our site if you can:


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Please take it as additional space for further improvements, not as criticism :)
I would use the banner on the homepage more efficient. I like photos there, but these photos do not help me understand what your project is about. At the same time you could use this banner to sell your products to people. You could motivate and inspire them with this banner to shop with your website or you could directly offer them some hot deals and top-selling products here. In this case this banner should lead to corresponding internal pages of your project.

The feature of your shop is that your products are handmade and originate from many exotic countries of the world (not China, as it is often the case now). I would highlight this feature on your homepage – for example on the homepage banner. In your current website implementation when I first saw your menu, I thought that Africa, Asia etc. are delivery options and not countries of origin.

Products by category menu is actually the most important menu and it should be highlighted, because for many visitors this parameter is more important rather than country of origin.
One more recommendation for menu – it is always better to have just 1 parameter for each menu level. For example the page has a menu on the left of the page with a mix of several parameters at once: countries, product categories and product subcategories. It confuses visitors.

Besides we would strongly recommend you to check your current website structure – how complete and efficient it is. For this you should conduct a keywords research (please see this infographics and this post about keyword selection Keyword research will help you to determine all relevant keywords that can drive relevant visitors in the future. All keywords should be assigned to corresponding pages of the project. If you discover that for some keywords there are no relevant pages to stick these keywords to, you should think about restructuring the website. The main rule here – we adjust website structure to visitors’ needs and queries.

Keyword research will also help you to optimize your project for SEO. For example you have exotic musical instruments on your site but this keyword is not present in your title meta tag and there is no such keyword in the text content of the corresponding page. It means that Google is not able to associate your project with this keywords and your project will not be displayed to visitors who look for such instruments.

After you have keyword research complete, we would recommend you to optimize title meta tag for relevant keywords and add relevant SEO-optimized texts to your homepage, product category pages, product subcategory pages and product pages. With any questions, mail me at
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Hi Greg,

We've replied to your inquiry with no feedback from you so far. Please check your spambox and confirm that you received an Email from Paul Ryazanov ( With any questions, mail me at
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If you could take a look at my site, I would appreciate it. I recently changed themes and know there's a lot of work to do, but this will help me know where I need to focus.
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Hi, having just launched our site just last week we would be grateful of some SEO feedback:


Thanks in advance


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Hello John!


How are you?

Below is what I have found on your website

Let me firstly, say that your website also needs title, description, heading and content optimization –similar to those which I recommended other guys earlier in this thread. But your situation is particalular cause there is some optimization techniques done on your website, however, not all of them are implemented correctly.

Main page, page with product categories as well as all other titles should contain unique titles which relate to the page content and contain several keywords for which you would like this particular page to be ranked. For instance, you home page title is too large:  “Pro League Authentics | Pro League Authentics is an independent sports retailer specializing in authentic MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA and soccer jerseys as well as custom lettering. Founded in October 2011, we carry high quality sports apparel of all types - vintage hats, Wilt Chamberlain gear from Overbrook High, original Philly sports t-shirts, even fashionable women's gear. We ship to anywhere in America or Canada”  - ideally it should be no longer than 70 characters. Here is the tool with the help of which  you can check the look of the title and description when create new ones

Page title and description should differ. In your case, on home page, for example, meta  description content is identical to title. It should be different. Title you write for search engines first of all, because they read it when evaluating your website page rankings, that is why it is important to include keywords there.  As opposite to title, description doesn’t take part in the ranking process, however it is very critical for gaining more clicks on your website and optimal user experience. It is good when description is seen in full in the search results. Again, you can check it with the help of this tool General rules for writing effective description is to make it informative, encouraging user to click through to your site, it is good if it contains call to action.

General rule for headings optimization is to apply H1 tag and make sure they contain one or two keywords, similar to those which you write in page title and text. Currently on your website what needs to be written in H1 tag is written in H2 tag and H1 tag in turn is taken by the link at the top of the page Pro League Authentics. This is what should be done. Step 1. Currently  H1 tag on your website is taken by the link with the text Pro League Authentics. These phrase you shouldn’t take into H1 tag, instead make it just a link with the text of the size you need.  Step 2,  your website headings are currently written in H2 tag. So SEO, it is better to put them all in H1 tag, which will be free if you do Step 1. For better SEO effect make sure to include one or two keywords in your headings and of course make them unique for each page as well as titles and descriptions.
Text.  As to the main page text I would say that it is not enough for the amount of links this page currently has.  Internal linking is good, but you should also not overuse it. Currently there are quite a lot of links with the anchor texts containing absolutely commercial keywords such as “vintage hat”. “custom lettering”. etc. This is dangerous due to the Google’s strict policy as to the keyword rich anchor texts (you can read more about this here ).  To keep you on the safe side I would advise you to stick to the following guidelines: To make this page text still effective in terms of SEO you may just simply include there several keywords for which you would like to be ranked in the search engines. The same recommendation could be applied to other pages of your website, for example, category pages.


Link profile. I have checked your link profile and should say that it is quite dangerous.  First of all, because of sharp increase in its quantity.  On August 24th, your website had almost no links, but 10th of September there number has grown to 20 000 (please see the attachment). The primary source of majority of these links is , it seems it has sidewide links leading to your website with different commercial anchors texts. So why it is dangerous: firstly, this sharp increase, to Google it is very suspicious that all of sudden you got so many links, you should stick to the smooth growth in links number, keep it natural. Secondly, now it turns out that you have over 20 000 external links which are going from 16 domains only. Again, it is very suspicious for Google, diversity is the key in this situation. Lastly, texts which your external  links feature is also not safe. In the first places by the share in the overall  popularity are “phillies vintage hats” , “phillies snapback hats”, etc. To Google its looks like you are trying too hard to be ranked for these words in the search engines. Ideally, at least half of anchor texts should be something connected with your brand name, and the rest commercial keywords but also not too much obviously commercial, with some general words inserted.
I also have checked your robots.txt file. I would recommend to add the following entry there
Disallow: /search* - it will close pages which occur when the user uses your internal website search from Google indexation.

You website is quite large, so I would advise you to add html sitemap and place a link to it on the website. This will work for better user experience and improve site indexation.  

Pertaining to the usability side, I have also noticed these things like discrepancy between Checkout and Checkout with PayPal buttons, which looks like the just Checkout is more prior method of payment. Another thing I have noticed also is that on  page the heading “United States Football League” is written twice.  Also, on page I would expect all these pictures of your works to be clickable and enlargeable.


Hope my recommendations will be helpful and feel free to write here should you have any questions. Make sure to check out guides I think you may find them useful as well!, With any questions, mail me at
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Brown Eyed Rose,

In terms of usability everything looks nice and clear. During quick analysis we found no serious issues in terms of usability. It’s quite hard to give advice without seeing your visitors’ behavior in Google Analytics. But we would recommend to hide Home category since this menu item seems redundant (Most users got used to click on the banner with your logo in the upper left corner to go to the homepage).

It’s not quite clear why you have Browse category. It confuses a bit. Most probably because you have some products that do not fit into jewelry (like Music Note Confetti Paper Punches etc.) But this category of products could be still grouped into one separate category. If your priority product category is Jewelry – we would recommend to move it to the right so that it is the first menu item. Second menu item could be all other staff that doesn’t fit into Jewelry.

We would also let visitors know about your shipping rates on each product page (for example via a link with a pop-up page).

Though these all are generally minor issues. Maybe there are still some issues there, but there will be required additional investigation and analysis of your visitors behavior in Google Analytics for that.

As for SEO, the website needs onsite optimization. Title meta tags should be optimized for corresponding relevant keywords. The pages with product categories lack optimized texts – as a result the project may not have enough authority from Google point of view to be ranked high for relevant keywords. Please check our reply to Tanay Mehta above on how to do it.

We would also recommend you to make redirects from to

We found 263 pages of the project indexed by Google. If you check it with actual amount of pages on the project you will understand if there are any issues with Google indexing or not. In other words if the actual amount of pages considerably differs from the amount of indexed pages, it means that there are problems in how Google perceives your project.

Another important issue for SEO is the lack of backlinks. You need to build more links to improve your rankings.

You’ve already done a lot in terms of usability and done it right. We are sure that you will also manage to optimize your project and get relevant traffic and sales.
Good luck with your project! With any questions, mail me at