Collect emails on password page and provide discount codes

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I am trying to collect emails on my password page until I launch my website. I want to offer a 15% discount for people who provide an email address to stay posted on when website launches. I also want to offer a 25% discount for people who provide email address on password page, and share password page on social media like facebook, twitter...

What is the best way to implement this? Any help or even just pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


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Hey there Zaed! 

I'm Zuzanna, a Guru here at Shopify :)

On your password page, when people enter in their emails, they will get added to the 'Customer' section of your Shopify admin. You can then manually email each customer with a discount code that you create, however that could get cumbersome. 

The best way to automate this would be by working with a third party newsletter platform! One that we recommend is MailChimp! They have an app integration with our platform that will automatically sync any customer email addresses you get from the password page to a mailing list, then you can automatically send each new customer an email with a discount code. You can see the app for that here :) 

As for offering discounts when people share your store URL on social media, you can use a third party app for that as well! There are a few different options within our app store that would help in this case, however, I've rounded some of the ones that might work best for you here: 

Social Boost
Coopt Campaigns
Share for Discounts

If those aren't exactly what you needed, you can also see if you can get an app custom built for you. That way, it will do exactly what you need :) If you wanted to go that route, feel free to reach out to our third party experts, more information on them can be found here

I hope this helps! If you have any more questions or concerns feel free to reach out to our support team here! We're 24/7 :) 

Have a great one,