Collection Descriptions - good for SEO, bad for usability?

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Hi all,

Shopify Expert and web designer here. I have a question I want to put out to Shopify land:

How do you effectively balance the length of a description of a collection, usually displayed at the top of a collection page, with usability?

Descriptions which are good for SEO are usually longer and push the rest of the page content down, decreasing usability. However, it's undoubtedly important to have good SEO for the collection.

How can one balance the two? Is there some design solution that you know or are aware of to solve? Any examples that you can think of that addresses this well?

The closest suggestion I can venture is to keep the description at the top of the page's HTML to expose it to search engines, but to use CSS to decrease its prominence somehow... maybe by putting it in a "floating" box.

Looking forward to hearing what the community thinks...

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On desktop the collection description will not push the rest of the page too much as space is available.

On mobile you can just display the first 2 lines from the description text and implement a "Read more" button. The button can expand/collapse the description content on user interaction.

I think that this, implemented right, brings the best solution.

Finally—Add variant descriptions to your products