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If you don't see any websites focused on your niche but you see alot of big box stores that come up in your search engine searches as they sell similar products will it be really difficutly to rank on the first page?


I want to create a website to sell products in a niche and don't see much competition for other websites doing the same thing but there are big box stores that sell the products.


Any thoughts?



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I am afraid it could be a little difficult.


Big websites like Amazon? Yes, it is usually difficult and not worth your time unless you have a large budget or know SEO very well.

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Yeah you can outrank big sites, as long as you have a decent sized budget and willing to be very patient over an 18 month period.  

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Hi! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

This is very difficult task, and not worth pursuing if you see the big brands on the 1st pages of Google for your target keyword. Google prefers securing 1st pages for the big brands. Good news? You can still compete against the 'big boys', just target the keyword phrases within your niche that don't display big brands in the search results. It is possible, I can assure you. You just have to dig deeper, and you will find a nice set of keywords that will give you much greater chance of getting a good rank, and still will attract a decent traffic [relevant traffic] to your store. 

Good luck!

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