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I started my store blindly and now need to really do cleanup of SEO and keywords.  I am abit confused on the product page.  Should the title, description, alt tag, SEO Page Title and SEO Description all be the same?  IE: "Guess Baby Girl Pink Dress with Rompers" in all of them.  I know the product description needs more content but is this the proper way to start?  If not, could someone please point me in the right direction.  Thanks

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Yes, SEO can be confusing, especially at the beginning. Here are few terms that will hopefully help:


 title - product/page title, displayed on your website


description - different than title, this is a product description displayed next to your product image


alt tag - short phrase describing an image, added by editing the image, which helps those reading pages with images turned off


SEO Page Title and SEO Description - Google snippet | meta title and meta description, displayed in the search results. Page title and meta title can be the same, or can be slightly different. Avoid duplicating any of the above, all should be unique for each product, and shouldn't contain exactly the same information, even for the same item.


Hope it helps!

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Not the same description I will guide you with an example:

here is Title


2nd Description:


3rd one is ALT:




No, it should not be the same but CONNECTED EACH OTHER as long as you got your keyword for that page.

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Can you give a good store with good SEO for example? It'll be easier to imagine what we have to do 

Hannah Pham | Blogger at

Here is the example: 


This link is selling hockey skate and equipments.


Might you have an idea on how to become SEO friendly.


Hi @uptownkidz ,


The product title and product description don't necessarily need to be the same as the SEO Title and Description.

On each Shopify product page, you have the option to edit SEO settings. And it's this information that decides your page SEO.

Edit SEO settings for a product pageEdit SEO settings for a product page

Each product is supposed to target 1 main keyword. For example, in this product, let say you pick the "Oil Control Foundation" as the main keyword.

product keyword.png

Then the main keyword must be included in SEO Title, SEO description and product URL handle. Ideally, the main keyword should be at the beginning so that Google assesses it as a relevant keyword.

Keep in mind that the title in the product page remains unchanged, but you can change the SEO title to something optimized for search engines like this:

oil control foundation.png

For URL and handle, you need to define it right when adding the product. After that, changing the URL will lead to page redirection. 

I suggest you do these refinements right when adding products to your stores.

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Thanks Victor


When I first "blindly' started my site I knew nothing about SEO and I added over 1000 items.  I now know how to edit the SEO on the product page, but you can imagine the lack of SEO in the url's! If I do redirects on them now, will it slow down my page speed and confuse the crawlers?


I think yes! So first off you should just start with SEO Title and description. And have a guideline for uploading new products in the future.

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Hi @uptownkidz 

As an SEO executive, I recommended you should not put the title, description, alt tag, SEO Page title be the same because if you do that, Google will understand that you are trying to SEO a keyword, and you know, the result is your contents, or your products would not be on the top of Search engine result page. You should make a little change such as adding some word to those sections or using synonym words. 

In the description section, you should write a short paragraph describing your product.

For more details about SEO, you should read this SEO blog written by Ahref's experts:

By the way, If you have any issues while running Shopify business, you can visit our Shopify tutorials at

Hope it helps!


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