Confused by Facebook different pixels

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I run a small clothing site

Trying to get the product catalogue facebook ads working. I've created a product catalogue, which seems to work ok (i used Facebook Product Feed (by Flexify). But I am massively struggling with the pixels, where to place them, what edits they need, where to generate them from, or if they just need copying from the various guides. My normal tracking code seems to work fine for basic ads, remarketing etc. But this is a little over my skill level. Happy to pay someone to fix it for me too if anyone is interested?

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Hey Will,

Thanks for your post and love your gear - I've seen it around! :)

For setting up your pixels I found this link here from Facebook:

If you need to add your Facebook pixel in Shopify, there's usually two ways of adding it. One is your Settings > Checkout > Additional Scripts or you can also paste the pixel code in between the <head> tags in your theme.liquid.

Give the above a try and let me know if it works or if you have any questions!