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Hi Friends

I added content on collection pages and it appears before the products list start.

I have also added a banner in the editor as an image. Although the banner is appearing fine.

But my requirement is the content should come after the product list. The chronology would be like -

Banner followed by Product list followed by text.

As far as I remember when I added content months back I have seen the option where i can display my content - like Before or after products. But not visible now -- though not sure, just a remembrance.

can some one please tell me the way how can i place the content after the products.

here is the sample link for collection page


Thanks in advance

Shopify Staff
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Hi Jasjiv,

Chris from Shopify here. So since the banner image was added as part of the collections description in the RTE, it'll be a bit trickier. What you'll want to do is create a new collection template as I see you've done in the past, remove the banner image from the description, and insert the image using img tags at the top of the new collection's template. You can take the snippet of code that looks like: 

{% if collection.description != ''  %}
      <div class="rte">
        {{ collection.description }}
{% endif %}

And move it below the "products grid" class. That way, you'll have the description listed below the products in the collection. So to summarize:

-Create a new collection template for Bell Helmet
-Upload banner image to the Files section of your store, copy and paste the URL of the image into the template you just created using img tags
-Copy and paste the code I showed above to the section below the "products grid" class
-Save your work

Hope that helps! 


Chris D
Shopify Guru