Content ideas & improving your existing content on Shopify

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Every month, I curate a digest of the most interesting posts I’ve come across in the last four weeks. These can be simple blog posts or articles, infographics, and even podcasts, as long as they deal with the same topic: Shopify SEO (or SEO that can easily be applied to Shopify).

Here are my favorite posts for this month:

  • 17 Untapped Ways to Find New Content Ideas: a list of quick tips, by Brian Dean of Backlinko, to find new ideas for your blog content. I enjoy the Google Images one and have been using it extensively myself since discovering it!
  • How to Detect and Improve Underperforming Content: a good content strategy should not only revolve around writing new, unique content. It's also about fixing your underperforming content, or in other words, posts or pages that aren’t bringing in any traffic and not achieving the expected ROI. Check out this guide on how to detect and improve that content on Moz!
  • Shorter Content Earns the Most Backlinks: as it turns out, the most linked-to articles are only about 695 words in length. If backlinks are one of your SEO problems—give this post a read to understand how to attract backlinks with short content!

You can also read the digest here.

Let me know what you think, and if I should keep doing those roundups.