Conversion - Below Standard


Looking for some help, or if anyone can recommend a good agency for help with low conversions?


We are getting a high amount of traffic, but this traffic just isnt converting & we cannot work why? Its really stressful! 

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Simple high traffic but not sales means you aren't selling your product enough. They click and then look at the product but they don't feel like they NEED it. They aren't sold.. Work on selling benefits of the product. I would love to help further so please message me on Facebook I am not very active on here.

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I would love to help your store with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and increasing your sales and revenue.  I have worked on a lot of fashion brands from ASOS in the UK and startup fashion brands across North America. Your store does look great and you have all the right pieces in place. Feel free to email directly: Duane <@> (no spaces or <> of course).


We can setup a chat where I can learn more about the brand and your other 2019 goals. Odds are it might be a combination of your messaging and traffic source as your site does look great. Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.




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