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Hi Everyone, 

I have a men's jewellery store that has been up and running since June of this year now.

We get a good amount of traffic to the site but we are struggling with our converstion ratio and I need to get it right especially with Christmas coming up.

Our main marketing tool is social media and we have a good following on Instagram (near 2000 now). Users from instagram spend on average around 9 minutes on the site and look at around 10 pages but are still not buying! We are also up to 25% returning visitors over all who spend a similar amount of time on the site, but again are not buying!

Would anyone be able to offer me any insights as to why this is?





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Hey Oscar,

I took a look at your website, branding is great and the pages are easy to navigate. Good job there. It is hard to precisely pinpoint the reason that they are not converting - maybe the product is too expensive, maybe they are unsure if the item fits or maybe they are not extremely comfortable making high involvement purchases online... 


Whatever the reason may be, it is important that you maximize the factors you CAN control. Try including detailed information on a per-product basis, showing measurements of each item. Have you tried pixeling the shopping cart and figuring out how many are abondoned? This is a good strategy to gain some insight and/or set up remarketing audiences to re-hit later on FB.. 


Would love to hear more about your business model and discuss potential strategies and tactics that would increase your conversion rates. Feel free to reach out to me anytime -


Good luck,



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Hi Oscar,

This is not an uncommon problem, but each store will have its own solution for it. I recommend using data to uncover the bottleneck. 

I'm organizing a free webinar on How to Use Data to Drive More Sales to Your Store. We'll go beyond the metrics you mentioned, and go deep into what really makes a difference.

Hope to see you there.

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