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Hi all, 

We manufacture a bespoke product with our own brand, Influencer marketing sales and offline are good, product feedback is positive. We do have more influencer marketing and PR going out soon, but in the meantime...whatever I try with Google AdWords or Facebook seems to fail. Zero conversions.

I've tried about 10 ad creatives on Facebook wth various messaging and changes to audience targeting...and about 20 variants on Google. I feel like this should be a source of decent sales, somehow! To Date...:


Reach: 68,435, Impressions: 88,871
Best CPC: £0.12
Best CTR: 2.13%
Conversions: 0
Audience: Women 25-34: 46%, Women 35-44 : 41% 

Google AdWords 

Impressions: 49,118
CPC: £0.60
CTR: 0.1%
Conversions: 0

What am I doing wrong? Any fundamental issues with the site, product photography, etc?  

Many thanks in advance....


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Hi Mike,

Nice shoes :)

I'll drop you some tips to improve AdWords performance.

1. use long tail targeted keywords. for example, "comfortable walking shoes"

2. Avoid using broad match type keywords, If you don't know what you are doing.

3. CTR is very low, Try increasing bids. You need clicks to get conversions.

4. Install re-marketing - It's very important for products in luxury segment.

Hope that helps!

- Katy

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Hey Mike,

Would also like to know the total number of clicks on ads (out of 88,871 impressions).

Based on the information provided, I would recommend to check the following :-

1) Your product prices compared to your competitors. Also, this could not be compared to offline sales because people tend to buy on facebook if they are offered some kind of discount. If the prices are too high then you may need to revise your product prices.
2) I visited your website and clicked on your Ads. They lead directly to the checkout page wheras customers may want to read a detailed description of product. You can try a different landing page for your Ads and maybe lead them to the product page.
3) Another thing which you can try is running the same Ad on entirely different audience. If the Ad performs to do better than the previous case, then you need to change your audience (by a lot of testing) that seems to give the best result. Read this to find out what's the best audience for you.
4) Also, your website is beautiful but I found it hard to navigate through it. It would be great if one can get to see your products collection immidiately. 

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