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Hi all,

This post is very similar to most posts on this forum, I'm struggling to get any sales from my site

I'm currently using facebook ads, and average around 100 users per day (although the ads only been running for about 10 days). 

In the last 7 days I've had roughly 1050 pageviews, totalling 0 sales. My cost per link click is $0.06 and for landing page views its $0.08.

I have tested a few different audience types and products, but still have a lot more testing that can be done. I'm happy to keep on spending money on advertising to try and get some sales, but I don't want to be spending money if there's issues on my store I should be fixing first. 

All feedback is greatly appreciated :)


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Very similar to what I just saw on another post. I run a ecommerce page on Facebook where I toss up a lot of free content I encourage you to check it out. You need new and better products. To be honest I do not think those will sell well anymore they are all past winners. To find new products watch this video it should help you out quite a bit. Everything else looks awesome (click through rate especially) so that makes it obvious that the lack of sales is product selection.

Hope this helps!


The issue that all advertisers have is finding the right type of people. The most important type of research you need to do is the intent of the traffic you get.

For example, if I advertise on Google Shopping the intent of the searcher is to buy. If I use Google Display or Facebook Ads then the intent is unknown. And the sales will be very low or nonexisting.

I recommend you first research all the main advertising platforms where you can find the most likely buy intent customers.

When you found one, study up on the platform as there are so many settings its easy to still target the wrong people when you have found the right platform.

Unfortunately, advertising has a steep learning curve and recommend you read lots of articles and documentation.

Hope this helps.

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Hey there,

I just checked out your store and can't find anything immediately "wrong". Regarding your FB advertising, I would first start by putting the Facebook Pixel on to your site (I just checked and you were missing it); without that you won't be able to optimize your ads for purchases on your store.

The pixel also allows you to see the number of content views, add to carts, and purchases that you received from the ad. You can use this information to optimize your ads and only show ad content that is generating add to carts and purchases. The pixel also allows for retargeting the people that have been to your store already.

I can't give any reccomendations about your audiences without seeing more info on what you've tried so far, but in general I reccomend targeting smaller audiences rather than casting a wide net. Try to narrow your audiences down to 1-2 million people.

Best of luck!

- Adam

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You're doing advertising and getting people to your site, so half the battle is half done, obviously your ads are working. 

The next part of the puzzle is Why aren't people buying?

Is it the Price or What you're actually selling.

I must admit that I find the "Message Us" button totally confusing. What exactly is it's purpose? If it's to connect visitors to subscribers, it should say.

If that were the case and you offer something of value, a Percentage off for subscribing, then you could get back in touch with the visitor. If you're not building a list, then you've got to find new people all the time.

I saw some numbers that people generally have to see/visit your store 7 times before they buy.

I personally love lava lamps and some of your other products and wish you good luck. 



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Very cheap leads good work. Product selection needs work. (most posts are the same problem).
If you are dropshipping check out this video it will help you pick better products. Its a tutorial I made. Worth the 17 minutes trust me.