Core onpage and offpage fundamentals of SEO ....

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  • If possible, Get SEO involved in the development of the site BEFORE the site is developed.
  • Accumulating "follow-ed" inbound links from trustworthy, relevant sites
  • Some kind of social media strategy, allowing for widespread sharing of your content
  • Building brand equity (Google sometimes tends to favor established brands...right or wrong)
  • Submitting sitemaps to the appropriate services (GWT, Google Product Search, etc.)
  • Get a Google Webmaster Tools account


  • proper site architecture allowing for unique content/pages with a meaningful, useful taxonomy
  • Relevant, unique title tags
  • Non-spammy, useful description tags (for the snippets)
  • Using Microformat/RDFa where applicable
  • Make content crawlable and readable for spiders (meaning, don't rely on Flash or Images to show your content)
  • Canonical Tags where applicable
  • Use of helpful internal anchor tags (not just "read more," "click here" or "home" all the time)
  • Strong internal linking structure/strategy
  • Proper coding that keeps the page weight down. Speed is important.
  • Have your tracking/analytics code all set to go
  • Create a site that people will want to use and share
  • Create a site with unique content that people will want to use and share

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Good luck !!