Could someone help opine? Ran FB ads - 10c CPC - CTR between 3 and 5.5% but ZERO sales

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Hi folks,

I have launched several FB ad campaigns since May, attained okay traction considering the tiny amount of spend on online marketing, but been unable to convert. I am seeing that visitors seem to drop off the funnel quite early on - most spend less than 30 seconds on the store.

Would someone be so kind as to offer their opinion please? I wonder if my problem sits with:
1. pricing
2. product range
3. website store look/feel

The site is

Any thoughts would be heaps appreciated!

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Hey Adi,

Try and look at what device your visitors are coming in from - if they're using mobile, the big pop up could be one of the reasons they don't stay on long if its really hard to close.

Your CTR is actually very good, but your prices range from low to high so it could be that you just need a lot of traffic before seeing any data. How much did you spend and how large is your target audience?


To your success,

Luis Morales -

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Hey Luis,

Appreciate the feedback. I'll have a think what I can do with the pop up box.

The spend was a little over $100 across three ad groups over a week each - 5m, 2.4m, and 650k are the size of the audience respectively. The better CTR figures come out of the latter two, the smaller audience groups.

Thanks heaps,