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anyone know how to put currency selector on top bar header, on my pc  view it show on the header but on my mobile view show on navigation drop down any one help? i want my currency selector show on header on my mobile view i have been editing the code on header liquid but doesnt work i found this code on header liquid 




{% if shop.enabled_currencies.size > 1 %}
{% form 'currency', class: "currency-selector small--hide" %}
<label for="CurrencySelector" class="visually-hidden">{{ 'general.currency.dropdown_label' | t }}</label>
<div class="currency-selector__input-wrapper select-group">
<select name="currency" id="CurrencySelector" class="currency-selector__dropdown" aria-describedby="a11y-refresh-page-message a11y-selection-message" data-currency-selector>
{% for currency in shop.enabled_currencies %}
<option value="{{currency.iso_code}}"{% if currency == cart.currency %} selected="true"{% endif %}>{{currency.iso_code}}</option>
{% endfor %}
{% render 'icon-chevron-down' %}
{% endform %}
{% endif %}







this picture im talking about




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