Custom parameters in Adwords remarketing tab don't work

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I'm trying to set up adwords remarketing and I followed the shopify instructions to add adwords remarketing tab. Tag is being recorded however custom parameters don't like ecomm_productId and ecomm page type don't work correctly. 

I looked through different forums and threads and this is the code I pasted in liquid.theme

ecomm_prodid: 'shopify_AU_{{ }}_{{}}',
ecomm_pagetype: '{{ template }}',
ecomm_totalvalue: {{ product.price_min | money_without_currency | remove:','}}


Can somebody help me to explain what I'm doing wrong? And why my google product feed ID doesn't match.



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First, the template hook does not reflect the page type. You need to match that of what is required as per Google's docs.

For example a product page should say product

A collection page should say category, etc...

If you don't than Google does not understand what pagetype is viewed and will not log the data.

Also make sure that the product id is identical to the product id submitted in the feed. You can check this in Google Merchant, find a product check the id submitted and cross reference on the product landing page by viewing the source code and looking at the id that has been passed through in the remarketing script.

Hope it helps.



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