Customer Eligibility in discounts not working with groups

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I'm trying to create a discount code that can only be used by certain customer groups. I've tried the following two things but am unable to get it to work as expected:

1. I created the a group using a filter based on one specific customer tag, lets call it "VIP". Then added this group under the discount Customer Eligibility, but in testing the code can still be used by people not in these groups.


2. Changed the discount Customer Eligibility so that it doesn't use a group, but instead I selected a specific customer record. In testing, anyone can still use the code, including without this customer being signed in or entering any email address at checkout.


I would have expected that in both 1 and 2, the code cannot be used unless the user is signed in - either to check against the tag or to check the email address.


I have tested this in two different browsers, cleared the cache, run incognito, but no fix. Am I missing something or doing something wrong, or is this a bug?




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Hi, @JChit


I’m Helen from Shopify Support. Welcome to the Community, and thanks for reaching out about this. I’m happy to look further into it for you.


The first thing to note when creating customer specific discount codes, is that the use of the discount is not immediately validated in the checkout when the code is entered. 


For online stores, the validation occurs only after the first page in the checkout is complete, by clicking on the ‘Continue to shipping’ button as seen below. For POS transactions, this confirmation is on the ‘charge’ step:





Once on the second page of the checkout, the customer will be notified that the discount is applied to their order, if they have entered the correct email address on page 1. It will look like this:




If they are not eligible to receive the discount, they will see this:





Therefore, as the first step towards troubleshooting this for you, could you please confirm for me whether or not your discount code is being applied to every customer, even after proceeding to the second page of the checkout?

Helen | Social Care @ Shopify
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