Deeply Frustrated - Zero non-family sales

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personnally, I only buy online for two reasons :

-the brand is big big (or on amazon), and I really can trust it

-the website is more personal (you know like someone REAL making clothes or designs and describing himself on the website, his story). 


Also, I don't really like your website look. Did you buy a theme ? Because there are lots of free ones that are really cool. You could get a free one and get inspiration via What they sell is not really my type but is very common and trendy at the moment (you know like hipster stuff etc.). You may look like the others but it can be an advantags!


hope this helps



Hi Charles,

I've just made the search query to see whether your pages are indexed by Google and see it's not.



In order to request Google bot to crawl your page you'll need to access to Webmaster Tools and do it manually. It's located in the menu item "Fetch as Google".

Next, you'll need to get traffic. Since you're getting from Facebook it's good to drive traffic directly to your product pages. Right now I see that you just post image posts on Facebook but don't link it to the product pages on your Shopify store.

In addition, I see you invested in the video of your products. Why not to add them directly to product pages, so in that way you increase "Page On Time" which is one of the deterctor for Google about user's interest to your online store. You can do that with PageFly page builder app.

If you need feedback with Design UX / UI feel free to ask at this Shopify topic.



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Ad/Email marketing can be tricky if you don't niche down your customer segments. You can easily burn your pockets if the ads are not targeting your customer audience. If you already have customer emails (or) leads I would suggest to try out this app(there's a free credit on it) to get your customer interests Once you know your customer interests then you can segment them appropriately on facebook ad campaign (or) even send the emails out appropriately based on their interests. This can help you to target similar audience.
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Hey Charles,


We’re an Australian streetwear brand that launched late 2015, so I can probably guide you with a little more relevant info. We’ve got so much to learn but hopefully I can give you some good info from what I’ve learnt.

Defintely feel your pain in terms of traffic! You’re off to a great start if you’re getting around 100 visitors a day? We’re still not getting that unless we’re pushing out a lot of ads.

I had a quick look and can give you some info:

  1. Straight up, your website looks prehistoric. There’s a lot of free shopify themes look better than what you have. Why not browse the selection and update your website if you can’t afford to pay for a decent theme? I very strongly suggest this is the biggest step you should take. I definitely recommend purchasing a theme as well. Not only is it an overall representation of your brand, it’s a huge reflection on it as well - as I said it looks prehistoric which to the user will mean: Untrustworthy, not interesting and hard to use. Your name is obviously a term youths / young adults use/used - which means they’re massively used to high end websites - I.e it’s not going to be relevant to them.
  2. Branding - branding is much bigger than just your logo, it’s actually every little thing your business does is a representation of your Brand - from the way you write to what your logo looks like - make sure that they are all consistent and made for your target audience. Your logo itself looks like it’s from the 90s as well. You need to put a lot more effort in presentation including images and feel.
  3. Your product page is really poor as well - not only is the description not selling the product, you have a lot of random and useless information in there as well - including hashtags - a link to Facebook and your website and more. Make it specific to the product and don’t overload the customer, try to sell the product instead - what’s good about it, why should they buy it - have a look at my product descriptions as example and hopefully it’ll spark some insight, it’s definitely not perfect, but it’s a good starting point. If you’re not good at writing - freelance it out (fiverr, freelancer etc)
  4. Your pop ups and ‘spin wheel’ are coming out as desperate - best to remove them / change them to be more of an add on / boost to the conversion

There’s a whole lot more, but I really think you need to push more onto branding rather than trying to make sales right now - definitely know that’s hard to swallow, but when once you create that strong brand and it’s representation you’ll get those sales! 

Also note that this is a long game and you’ll have to put in a good 2-4 years of consistent, persistent and quality work until you see the results you’re looking for.

Hope it’s given you some food for thought. Definitely give my website a view and let me know if you have any suggestions for us.

Good luck!


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I found this article perfectly fit your question and it's really useful

Shopify Sales Optimization: Page elements that effectively boost Shopify sales

Really good analysis and experience. I think these things can apply to other eCommerce websites also

Hope this helps

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Hi Charles, 

A lot of people have already brought this up, but I am going to still begin with it: your shop name doesn't really roll of the tounge. And untill you explain what it stands for, it isn't easy to understand as well. 

I am not sure, if you can change it, but I think it'll work in your favor if you do.

Next, your landing page has a lot of information. Usually, it's always better to land your customers on a single action page. And then have different sections, either at the top bar or side bar. And also your color scheme isn't very attractive. It's not something that interested me a lot and I shop online a LOT. 

Here's a list of top 90 Shopify sites. You'll get some ideas on structuring your site from here: Top Shopify sites 

I am not a great fan of having Cool in yout catalog titles. It's something that you should let the user figure out for themselves. Stick to what your customers should expect to find. Also, you don't need to put similar t-shirt with different colors as separate items. Just add color options in the descriptions. 

As mentioned earlier by Hanna, it's important that you define who's your target audience. Not only will it help you with your website design and messaging, it's important for any sort of advertising or marketing. Where does your target audience hang out? Are they active on Twitter or do they usually post on Instagram. On Instagram, what hashtags are they likely to use. Then are they a part of specific groups on Facebook. Are you a part of those groups? The sooner you find answers to this question, the better you'll be able to target your audience correctly. 

One more thing - you have FREE SHIPPING written all over your website, but you're doing this only for select locations. For e.g. I tried for India and there was a shipping cost. You'll need to work on that, as it will lead to drop-offs. So either mention Free shipping to specific regions or absorb the shipping cost and actually charge no shipping. 

I saw your social media pages. I'll go one by one. 


You're posting a lot of product pictures, but eventually you're taking them to your home page. I strongly suggest that you make your posts clickable. Use OrangeTwig for that. More on this here: Clickable Post

You can get started for FREE here: OrangeTwig 

In fact, since you're using hashtags in your post, I'd recommend the Hashtag Research tool as well. You'll get a whole list of niche and high volume hashtags, which is a must after Instagram's shadowban. More on it here: Hashtag Research

Start for FREE here: OrangeTwig 

Facebook and Twitter

On Twitter, I feel that you should post a lot of engaging content - quotes, articles, etc - with the right hashtags, ofcourse. And you won't need to search for hashtags, just use OrangeTwig. 

On Facebook (and this is applicable for Twitter as well), I see that you're posting a lot of product photos and collages. Promoting on social media is all about grabbing attention. I think you'd be able to attract more peolpe if you promoted your products in themes / layouts. Something like this: 

In fact, you should post more of these A or B. You'll get an idea about what your customers are interested in as well. 

Not just this, you'll be able to promote your coupons as well. 

Get these designs for your social channels from OrangeTwig here: OrangeTwig (you can start for FREE) 

Facebook Ads

I noticed that you've placed a pixel on your website. Are you running ads to a custom audience (people visited your website) or audience created by you? In case of retargeting, first segment people based on their actions such as - viewed your home page, viewed products, added to cart, procceded to checkout and then action specific ads such as - new arrivals, products on discount, exclusive coupon code, etc. 

If you're creating your own audience, do look at Facebook's Audience Insights. It is a fantastic tool for creating buyer personas and getting information on who you should target. 

I hope this helps! 

- Karan 

For tips and answers for your spcific questions, join Seller Success Facebook group


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Thank you all for the great feedback and suggestions. It can be a bit hard to swallow but that's ok, to get better I have to know what is wrong and where the weaknesses are. 

There were several suggestions but I narrowed them down to the critical few:

  • Change theme to a more modern and hip style
  • Restructure collections
  • Update/Modify product descriptions and listings
  • Change landing page
  • Clickable social media post that takes you to the product

I know there were other suggestions but I am going to start with these then continue with the others. 

As an update to my original post, We had a spike in traffic a few weeks ago; 1800 visitors in one day followed by 900 visitors the next. It has tapered off a bit each day but we are now averaging about 150 visitors per day with multiple page views. Around 80% of this traffic is organic and is direct. I started using Tailwind a few weeks ago for posting to Instagram and Pinterest and there is some success from that.

With all of this traffic, we are still not really closing sales. I hope the changes mentioned above will help with this.

Again, I truly appreciate the feedback and welcome any additional suggestions as they come about.



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Making changes to the whole website may take a lot of time, and also money as you will need a lot more traffic to test and see the real effect. I suggest that you build a LANDING PAGE for the product that you want to promote. A landing page will be more focused than a website.

You can build a landing page with all the elements that are recommended by other. Spend sometime read about what makes a landing page high-converting. I build my landing pages with PageFly Page Builder App to test any of my marketing campaigns. About 25 elements, quite flexible.

The reason why I love this app is that: Every element is connected with Google Analytics and Facebook pixel, so I can track any click of my landing page visitor. All the information will be displayed on an Analytics Dashboard It's the key to increasing sales/conversion.

Keep testing and testing.

Hope you do your best ;)


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WOW, you folks are awesome!!!
Would LOVE any feedback and suggestions you have for our store as well?!

We are having difficulty generating traffic, and sales.

Kind Regards,
LJ Sim

PS: Welcome any Marketing folks that have had concrete sales success to email directly as well, Looking to hire.


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