Deleted pages appear on Google search

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Hi, I have deleted some pages from my shopify website but when I do a quick google search, the  old pages appear. Is there a way to remove the deleted pages from google?

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Hi @thebakerylab, this is Richard - CRO and Marketing expert at PageFly - Shopify Advanced Page Builder. 

When you delete pages from your website you have to wait until Google reindex and remove your site. Sometimes it takes weeks for Google to remove deleted pages. Note that to remove Page from SERP, you have to set either 404 or 410 http response.

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There are many ways to solve your problem, but none of them is universal. The correct method should be chosen depending on the circumstances.Using the wrong method, you can not only not remove pages from the index, but also harm the work done by marketers.My friend who works with this on I often met such cases, and he shared his experience with me.If you delete a page and pass the 404 or 410 status code , the page will soon be removed from the index during the rescan .There are many different removal methods, but I'm not familiar with all of them, so my suggestion is to just find them and use them, or contact a specialist.