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I was able to generate 300 views on my website using Facebook ads but not a single one bought anything???


You could generate thousands more Zachary and have it lead to no sales. Traffic has no relation to someone being interesting in buying what you have to sell.

I suggest you read Shopify's guide about making your first sale (even if you have made some sales):

Also setup some Hotjar polls and Google Analytics to learn more about people's behavior and what they want.

Run Google Shopping ads? Get the free definitive guide to Google Shopping for Shopify (no optin required):
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It sounds like you need help marketing and putting your products in front of people that will actually want to buy them - that's fine; we can help with that! I've attached a blog post with Over 50 Helpful Tips and Tricks For E-Commerce Businesses From Experts that has an entire section dedicated to marketing. It's a good read and there's a lot of information you may find helpful, so I'd suggest checking it out :)

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Hey Zachary,

Here's another Shopify guide you can read on how to get your first sale

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Hey Zach,

First you have to know what kinda of traffic you are getting. Google analytics gives very useful info on this. If you want to drive traffic that translate into sales so many things should be considered. How appealing is your site to customers, what is the user experience like? Does your site immediately communicate what products you sell? Are you allowing your customers to land on the right pages or they have to go through a series of navigation? Are you optimizing your various product pages, do your products pages appear in Google search results with the right information (meta tags) and right landing pages.

Also you should ask yourself what special thing you offer with regards to your products. Why should someone buy from you and not on Amazon where their card information is already stored. A good research before you run any campaign is very necessary.

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