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Im thinking about using a service for my site that sends a postcard/letter with a discount, addressed directly to my customer, when they abandon cart (so of course, we already have the customer in session = we have their shipping details from say a previous order).

The developer is also offering to send postcards for customers who have previously bought with us but trying to reengage them.

We stock premium pet food, so our customers are premium and may appreciate that type of premium service.

Has anyone tried direct mail or similar?

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In B2C sales, in my experience, using direct mail is a novelty. I would limit it to one time a year if you wanted to do a customer appreciation postcard campaign, probably in the holidays. 

Let me break this down; if someone abandons a cart several days will go by and they will get a postcard lumped in with your mail? Chances are they have already made sure they bought their dog food so they could eat. Are there any analytics around how this is working? Will you be able to pull up a report of exactly how many people converted from this and when? 


You can set up triggered emails designed to go out at whatever frequency you choose. Example: I have an Olde English Bulldogge and she has skin allergies. Every 3 weeks I get an automated reminder email prompting me to buy her monthly skin treatment.

If you know how long the food will last you can set up triggered emails to go out to each individual customer based around the frequency of their orders. This couldn't be any easier. The more time that goes by with the abandoned cart hanging out there, the less of a chance you have to complete the sale. ESPECIALLY with a consumable product.

There are hundreds and thousands of spot-solution apps out their, only a few can really accomplish what you need in an efficient way. Let me know if you need any advice.


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Courtenay, how did the mail & postcard service work? I'm looking into doing the same but will probably do a few by hand first to see if we get any results.

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hey there...

I had to investigate in depth the direct mail approach in my job...and one thing that stood out above all else to me was to make sure that you get very good copywriting (sales copy) for you mailings.

Might even be worth hiring a pro to do this for you :)

Good luck.


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Courtenay, I think postcards are a great idea - the only mail most people receive these days are bills!

I sell postcard products on my website. It's a personalised postcard that lets couples thank wedding guests for their gifts. It's stamped, and the couple can add a photo of their gift, or the guest or themselves on the front.

I send it out to my newly married - or about to be married - customers who have to thank guests for their gifts.

They get to see what it looks like by receiving it in the mail. So far I have had a 12% response rate but then this postcard is basically what they'd be sending so maybe it's skewed high in this case, but it's worth trying!

And don't forget that if you're sending it to a business, a few people get to see your message as well as your recipient.