Do I need the product type in the title for SEO?

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In Shopify there's the input field for product type. If I sell a t-shirt, and classify it that way in that field, must I also call the product 'very long sample funny phrase t-shirt' or may I omit 't-shirt' from the title?




Hi @TheCoolCat


You'd still need product type in your title, since Shopify Product Type is mainly used for internal categorization. 

Note to optimize your on-page SEO, you need to edit the SEO title, not the Product Title, open your Product Page on Shopify -> Scroll down to the end you'll see option to edit SEO title for your product page. 

Screenshot (93).png

For example, if I want to rank for a T-shirt product, I would put very long sample funny phrase t-shirt there.  Make sure your Title is under 70 characters and must contain the keyword 

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Hey @TheCoolCat,

A common mistake with SEO is using the wrong words, you have to include words that a person trying to find your product would search in Google. We go into depth into everything in our video:

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