Do you know that Marketing a Shopify store without Automated email Workflow is a waste?

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These are detailed marketing plans that can boom your sales if you implement them. MArketing products are not just implementing any random marketing strategy, but building up a gradual plan or detailed plan with steps on what you will implement, results you can get if you implement them, and how you can still re-implement them.

As for me, all the strategies I listed below are strategies with steps that guarantee great results if you implement them.


1. Email marketing- 

There is no how you can be successful with any marketing strategy you implement without implementing email marketing. Email marketing is just like sales automation which is creating more impression and reason why your web-visitors should purchase from you because it is through the use of it you can get your user or customer data which gives you more opportunity to promote or offer them anything you wish to offer them. It is not limited to that only, it also includes flows or steps for notification automation or reminder based on user action. Other flows under email marketing include:

Pop-up form

Welcome series.


Upselling series

Discount and special offer

Promotional drip e-sales series 

Product review

Customer thank you series.

Customer management (direct contacting with your audience)


2. SEO-

 Search engine optimization is wide and important marketing means you shouldn't miss it because it works when it comes to getting traffic, boosting only presence or visibility. How do you achieve this? Implementing search engine optimization will affect your site positively and yield results due to its function and what you choose to do in it because it is a very wide marketing means, we have much SEO like on-page, off-page, blue cart, RK, and so on. Your website will be optimized for certain keywords based on the niche of your site for example "CBD" if you press that to google, if notice that in the search results you will see some sites selling fashion products or fashion related products, their website doesn't just appear there, "fashion" keyword was optimized for it and if people who searched for fashion on google search engine like the website or if it is well set up, they will purchase any products they want to purchase because it is what they are looking for. 

Implementing search engine optimization is a gradual process, we will start with implementing on-page SEO which includes, keyword tag, site blog creation before we proceed to off-page SEO 

Before doing anything, I will submit your site to google console for it to be visible on google so it can be approved and it will take me three months to rank your site to most visited pages or to where potential people looking for products related to yours can see it


Totally Agree with you.

I called it In-bounce marketing. I have learned a lot from Hubspot about in-bounce marketing.



  • Attract visitors on Top of the funnel by SEO (write blog or similar)
  • Implement popup to collect them email / phone
  • Follow up (we use Welcome series) to convert them to purchasers.
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