Do you think Shopify Blog is efficient for SEO vs Wordpress Blog?

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Hello Everyone,

I would like to get everyones opinions, preferably the ones who have been using Shopify Blog and what kind of results they have seen from the search engines. It would even be better if there is anyone who have used Shopify Blog as well as Wordpress to compare in between.


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It's not about Shopify or Wordpress blog but it's about the quality of your blog post, i.e. your content quality. 

2 points:

Post quality:
If your posts are great, you can distribute it to social media to generate likes. Or you can even do guest posting to drive traffic from other blogs. Google also love unique content. Great posts will be likely to appear on the 1st page. 

If your posts are great, readers will be likely to link it in other sites. It can generate traffic via these backlinks. Also backlink is a also another crucial factor to drive search rank. 

To conclude I would say that Medium is the emerging platform to drive traffic. The audience are there, just waiting to read good stuffs. Shopify and WP are good but they are just a tool without readers.

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Hey Cemal,

Shopify, wordpress, html, magneto, drupal, whatever. 

A URL is a URL. 

All ranking factors are considered equal no matter the platform.   

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Short answer - Doesn't matter. 

Slightly longer answer - SEO is misunderstood. I've worked on building a search engine (for Yahoo for 6 years) and I can tell with authority that SEO today is not about the provider at all. Most sites are at par when it comes to on-site SEO - the stuff about using the correct html tags and page structure etc.

95% of SEO depends on you and your hustle. How well can you build back links from authentic sources, how much traffic can you generate from other sources like social etc.

My suggestion:

  • Educate yourself: This is step 1 and will save you LOTS of time and money. Know the very basic info - like keywords and meta description. Learn a little bit about exploring and targeting long tail keywords etc. This will also play a critical role in selecting the correct topics and titles for your blog posts. 
  • Always have beautiful imagery - even for SEO. The time a person spends on your site matters a lot. Quick bounce is a v negative signal to search engines (and yes, they know your bounce rate).
  • Focus on distributionn, not just SEO: Writing is only step 1. You also need distribution. The best way is to Curate and Create - and not just create. This is CRITICAL for your efficiency. The idea is to build an engaged social media following. Then once in a while put your own blog and drive traffic to it. Here's an early access invite to an app that will make curation and scheduling a breeze, if you are interested:

Pro Tip:  Be Visual - not just on your blog but also on social media. Here's and example of doing it using OrangeTwig in 1 click. Learn more here:


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I think Shopify blog is to be limited in features because after all Shopify is an ecommerce site not a blogging platform. On the other hand WordPress is a blogging platform. So WordPress is better for SEO.

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Wordpress is a power horse when it comes to SEO, so if this is your focus, I would recommend Wordpress

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Thank you everyone for their input. Much appreciated.

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Updated: The latest Google search rank criteria!

User's time on site has become one of the most important criteria of Google to rank a page. If your blog post is good and long, people will stay longer to read, your page is ranked higher. Google is getting more and more user-centric. Some of you get the point here, it's not about the platform, but users and content quality.

I just came across this article and I think that it is worth reading:

Shopify & SEO: quick overview and solutions

Basic, but very good technique and experiences

Hope it helps ;)

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a must have that every store need to have is something to push people to complete the order, alot of people doesn't have some mechanism in place so their stats look like view product 1k,  add to cart 400
reach checkout 200 purchase 30, sound this familiar? basicly alot of people leaving the website the most crushial time (when it's time to pay), something stop them maybe price or shipping, of course there are some apps that give coupons but most of them suck because 1 they give the coupon to early, 2 some apps require to change the link which is bad if you do advertising (essentially you need to change the adset link) now there is a killer app that convert more people on the spot you can find more at

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wordpress is the best in SEO