Duplicate Meta Descriptions??

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Hi guys.

I'm looking for some help.  I sopke with Shopify Support earlier today and they have directed me here.  

I have been building up my store: Nutri4u.co.uk using the Shopify Theme "Supply" and Google Search Console is telling me that I have close to 1000 pages with duplicate meta descriptions.  

Google is reporting I have duplicate meta descriptions for every tag that I use on my products, within a collection.  So, the url of the tag, has the same collection description as all the other tags within that same collection of products.

I checked all the canonical information I could, but since it's a Shopify theme, the code appears to be there.  Is there something I can do?  My duplicate descriptions are now in the hundreds.

 I verified that the proper title and meta tags were there in my theme.liquid file so I am using the following code: 

<link rel="canonical" href="{{ canonical_url }}" />


I have posted this topic in the Technology/API forum but have't had a reponse yet and wondered if someone on here had any ideas?

Please help




Hi Cal,

Shopify Partner here to help! I run Fox SEO & Design and specialize in Shopify stores and startup shops. Because your site is so massive and because of time restrictions, I scanned just 60% of your site, however I didn't find hundreds of duplicate meta descriptions. I found THOUSANDS. 

  • Duplicate Meta Descriptions = 6008
  • Missing Meta Descriptions = 331
  • Duplicate Page Titles = 4419
  • Duplicate H1 Tags = 6333
  • 404 Errors = 2

Due to max character restrictions I'm not able to list all your duplicates on this post. However you can visit this Google Sheets page to see the full report (well, 60% of) your duplicate meta descriptions. 

If anyone else would like one of these free reports, just comment below!

If you're worried about this - don't be. Google knows these are canonical pages and it won't hurt you.

What WILL hurt you is your lack of backlinks. You only have 8 of them spread over 4 domains.

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Some of the duplicates reported are due to paginiation. It's no harm, but it clutters up the report. You can get them out of the reprot with a quick template hack to add the page number to both the title and description. 

I would just make sure that any pages that rank have a title and description that is appropriate to the page.

Look for duplications that indicate in indexing issue. e.g. 1,000s of low value pages indexed.

Otherwise, don't worry.

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We are also facing so many duplicacy issues in our store. Bebaakstudio.com Please help us please.