Duplicate Title Tags from Nonexisting Collections?

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Hi Everyone, my Google Search Console account is a bit of a mess right now.

Last month I created a new collection on shopify (Mariana-Earrings) and added some items in, then decided to delete it and just stick with what I've been doing (Mariana-Jewelry).

Well now Google sees the product sees a url path for many of my earrings through BOTH collections, even though the Mariana-Earrings collection no longer exists!

For Example:

Title Tag: Mariana Earrings, Grey | E-1430 215 SP - Enreverie




Apparently both links are still valid too, even though the Mariana-Earrings collection no longer exists!

How can I get this collection to truly delete in Shopify? Do I need a Shopify developer to hop in and delete it in the backend?

Thanks for any help.


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Both your examples now 301 redirect to the canonical product page, which is a good thing for them to do. That report often takes weeks to update, when it does the issues should go away.

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Thanks so much Tony, that is reassuring. I appreciate your insight!