Duplicate content (again)

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Hi Shopifiers,

I'm doing some optimisation work on the site and the dreaded duplicate content has come around again. I've had the canonical link installed ages ago and checked by two different people who say its correct and I shouldn't be having this issue. I was wondering if anyone may have any advice, if it's worth trying to get it fixed or is it not that big a deal?  

My site is generating duplicate meta descriptions for both the collection page and product page, like this;



But not only on about 25% of pages

Also dupicate collection page meta descriptions like this;



Also duplicate title tags for the same reason on about 25% of product pages and a few collection pages (I've had a quick check and they don't appear to be the same pages with duplicate meta descriptions)

Thanks very much in advance,


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Hey Paul,

Hope all is well man,

I wouldn't worry too much about the duplicate content on the ?page=22 ones, they aren't going to really affect you. 

Even some of the product pages, if you think of some of the biggest ecom stores there are online, Amazon, etsy, ebay, they have massive amounts of duplicate content on their sites. Google isn't pinging them. 

A couple of things is noticed scanning your site, they are more important (in my eyes) you have a number of product pages that you have copied /copy-of-product, this is giving some of those duplicate issues, also from a conversion side it looks poor. 

On many pages, your product URL, Page Title and H1 tag are all the same. This could be doing with some variation. That is also seen as duplicate content. 





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Hi Alasdair,

Thanks for taking the time to respond, much appreciated. Back in the early days I was copying over products (allot of our products are very similar) that was generating URL's like this; antique-brass-door-knob-1. I thought I'd changed them all but obviously not. No I didn't reaslise the URL, page title and H1 tag needed to be different, I've been trying to keep them very similar for the long tail keyword searches, so another job to take a look at.

Could you recomend any free SEO tools?

Thanks again,