Ecommerce Marketing

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I suggest you some ideas which definitely help to increase your sales:

  • Integrate Instagram
  • Improve your email campaigns
  • Engage online store visitors with live chat
  • Embrace personalization
  • Launch a Facebook store
  • Reduce abandoned carts
  • Optimize your product pages
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Hi everyone 🙋‍ 

I have recently joined an accelerator program and I am working on an eCommerce-related idea.  

To build something that is actually useful, I want to understand the seller community better. I hope I came to the right place and somebody will be gracious enough to share a bit about the personal experience!

Could you please share about the following:

  1. Are you selling through Shopify only?
  2. If you are using on marketplaces as well (Lazada, Amazon, Shopee, etc), what are the issues you are facing because of managing multiple stores if any?
  3. What helps you decide what product to sell?
  4. How do you decide on pricing? Do you analyze competition?

If you could spare a couple of minutes on these questions, I will be extremely grateful!   

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Google Ads is a great place to advertise your store simply because their advertising tool is so developed. 

I'd run search ads for your ecommerce store. We created a tool that automates the process for Google Search Ads. Basically it will take the name of your products in your product feed and create specific ads for each product in an automated fashion. If you have 100+ products it takes just a few minutes to set these up, instead of several hours in Google Ads. 

Message me if you want to know more, here's the tool 


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E-commerce is the industry where marketing is booming at the most rapid rate and eCommerce is also growing with it.

eCommerce means selling something online and for that marketing is playing a huge part as without marketing no one knows what you are selling.

Factors affecting eCommerce marketing - 

  • Growth in eCommerce
  • New users every day
  • Internet is growing at a rapid rate

These were some of the factors that affecting eCommerce marketing.

If you are looking for a digital marketing agency that can help you in eCommerce marketing, then you can contact Propel Guru.


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well for that I would suggest you "WIGZO" for that its best for e-commerce marketing as well as other feature were mind-blowing and the outcome of revenue will almost double that's what I get from this tool. for any other quarries you can ask me also you can try Free Demo for the tool. 

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I see you have already received some great feedback on improving your store and marketing it.

As an alternative to everything said previously, I would suggest you consider using an SMS marketing tool. Here in Shopify, you can check out Senderium.

Whereas at first it might be difficult to imagine how you can benefit from SMS marketing if you are just starting out with your store, it is actually a useful tool for building long-lasting brand-customer relationships.

The app provides you the chance to add a pop-up to your store that will invite people to subscribe. This is a great way to keep people who are interested in your product in the loop of new stock, updates, discounts, etc. Over time, they can grow to be your loyal customers who will get a word out about your store themselves.

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Our site will help you promote sale by linking your products to the Google Shopping and Facebook Shops.

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Our team will get back and help you through the all process of improving sales.  If your product count is Less than 500 Our application is free to use.



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I've just checked your website and there are only 2 products listed as of the moment. Are you sure you've imported everything from Oberlo properly?

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There are channels such as e-commerce marketplaces that will essential advertise for you and provide you with a new community of potential users that you can tap into. Shomigo is an example of a marketplace that will provide those things for you.

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Hi Justin ,

Here is a platform to advertise ecommerece products on Google Shopping and Facebook Ads