Ecommerce SEO Beginners Guide for everyone :)

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So I've been pretty quiet on the forums recently, but I was busy writing a couple of new aritcles.

So this one is a quick guide about 6 minutes reading, of 10 points to focus on when getting your ecommerce set for Google search. You could say it very beginnerish because well, beginners need some help. But there are a couple of points "intermediate" stores users will find useful. 

If you need help with some more detailed SEO stuff just email me. 

Check it out here 

The other article is over on LinkedIn which is about how Google is shifting to mobile first index. This most likely won't have an effect on shopify users as shopify seems a pretty decent CMS for mobile, but here is some points that are going to be very important anyway, so it worth a read as well. You can read it over on my LinkedIn profile. 

If you think my 10 steps should be expanded or there sould be additional bits added just let me know. 

Happy Hustling, Selling and crushing it on Shopify. :)


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