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How can I email market my company on shopify? I need help to market my business.

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Dear TheStripesInMe,


1. Use privy or klaviyo

2. Make a series of your e-mail

3. Decide your content

4. Decide time

5. Do automation


If you need a guide please get the help here:


Thanks & Regards

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I don’t understand what u mean?
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There are two kinds of email marketing:

1. Cold Email ( When people dont expect you to email them )

2. Warm Email ( Emailing people who have subscribed your newsletter )

Your question seems more related to the 2nd type.


Here are the things you need for that:

1. Store visitors who can optin to your newsletter

2. An optin form

3. Email sending tool like Klaviyo

4. Emails written to be sent one by one over a period of time.

Thats all. Once you start the system, you can see stats in your tool ( like Klaviyo ) and see what works and what not.

But you cannot rely solely on this, you need to have some way to get people to your website in the first place. 


Maybe PPC or SEO or FB ads, something.

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Hello @TheStripesInMe 

You can try the apps and services suggested by @gaganhimself @MS-WEB-DESIGNER 

IF you completely new and don't have any idea about, I would suggest to hire some professional company to help you out and teach you.

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Shopify does not allow that option. You need a third party app to do email marketing. We’re moving from Omnisend to Klaviyo, way more functionality for not much more. One thing I do like about omnisend is you can easily create landing pages hosted by omnisend that catches emails. Klaviyo does this too, but you have to take the code and apply it to a page in your theme. Same same but different.

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Hey @TheStripesInMe 

You can install . It is all in one app with integration which will prove to be best in terms of reaching your customers and that would avoid customers spamming. It has powerful customer segmentation, custom drag and drop email editor, AI-enabled email scheduling, which can help you to send targeted emails, other than that it also has workflow automation. You can use this platform to send email based on their buying behavior along with all these features, it also has prebuilt workflow and prebuilt email templates. Its email marketing is integrated with reviews and loyalty reward program. Not only this, it has many other marketing features like loyalty and reward points, reviews, web push notifications, chatbot and many more. You can check it out. You can contact to the support. Aitrillion provides free setup. 

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So first off, you would need to sign up for an email marketing platform like Klaviyo. You can get started with the platform for free and its free upto 250 contacts I believe. Here's the link for that:

Once you have done that, you would need to do 3 things.

First, create lead generation pop-ups so you can capture leads from website. 

Second, you would need to setup email flows or automations that can help you nurture leads (welcome flow), recover sales (abandoned carts), and overall increase number of orders (post-purchase).

Lastly, you would have to send campaigns or one-time broadcasts to your list marketing your products.

All three of these combined should help you generated a good portion of revenue just for emails. 

If you need help with anything related to Klaviyo, please feel free to reach me out here: Fiverr Gig:


Hi @TheStripesInMe,


You can try Shopify Email, which has just been released by Shopify a couple of weeks ago. It's free until Oct 1, 2020.


I made this post to share review, tutorials and discuss the app, maybe you'll like it: 

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Here are the following steps to do email marketing on Shopify 

  • First, make an account on with your domain name to build loyalty to avoid spam filters.
  • Choose your recipients. Import your customer list to Shopify, then make a segment of emails to ensure the right message is sent to the right person.
  • Then click on the campaign to create mail.
  • Choose the email template and write the content which you want to promote.
  • Preview your work to ensure no mistake is in your work.
  • Send the email to your recipients.