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Wow guys!!! Thanks a lot every one of you for taking the time to reply to my question! I will read in detail your recommendation and I am sure that I will find the best fit solution for my case!

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If you use Mailchimp, then all you have to do is set up Automation, then create the template which will be used to go out for evey new person that signs up. Offer them a small discount clearly on your site. It's like you are buying the customer, but aren't we all. In Shopify, just set up a Welcome10, Welcome20, Welcome30, Welcome40, Welcome50. Each with a different discount depending on the value of the purchase... In the long run, you want to sell higher... And it works, people really buy more to save more...

Set these coupon codes so that they can only be used once per email address. You will probably sell the same customer 5 times at different amounts of their spending... See my Screen shot below...

My whole plan is to get them to sign up rather than making a purchase. Once they have signed up, they have a CLV of $233 for each new customer I acquire.

I hope this helps, and it come from experience... Happy selling to all...




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We use a shopify app called Better Coupon Box to create a pop up box on the store that offers a 30% (single use per customer) promo code to shoppers that sign up to our mailing list. The mailing list is a Mailchimp list that integrates with our shopify account and automatically sends a welcome message to new customers including the promocode.

We find that we get a high enough number of sales from email campaigns to justify this and that while the 30% reduces margins quite a lot on the initial sale that a large number of those shoppers will make multiple purchases, we automate follow up emails to all first time purchasers offering them a 10% discount on their next purchase which also works well.

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I'm thinking of doing this too... maybe just setting up one discount code that has a year expiry date, but setting it to be single use per customer

Download Facebook lite in here:,,

I'm developing an app that generates unique discount codes when a customer subscribes to your mailing list in Mailchimp. I'm going to roll it out within the next few weeks. Let me know if you are interested in a private beta access.

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We at Vauchar provide the complete integration for generating the discount codes and include it in your automated mails like welcome emails, cart abondent emails. All the codes are generated on the fly and no need to generate the codes in bulk. We provide integration with all the major email service providers like Mailchimp. You can check it at here: Vauchar Shopify


I've created an app called Personal Discount. This app creates unique discount codes for every person that signs up for your email list in MailChimp. You can install it at

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Hey Nikos! Love your store.

As to your question, we're obsessed with email at our company. We’ve spent 1000’s of hours editing 100’s of client email accounts, and terms of cutting costs and finding revenue growth opportunities for Fortune 500 companies and startups, here are the questions we believe brands should be asking: 

1. Do you send emails now?

2. What do they say?

3. Who do you send to?

4. How are they segmented?

5. What time do they send?

6. How do you vary your message?

7. Do you send the same message to everyone?

8. Have you ever done any testing?

We wrote an extensive post on our blog to help build out that audit. Thought you might find it useful:

Hope that helps! Good luck to ya.

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I've created an app that generates a unique discount code for every customer who signs up for your newsletter. The app is called Personal Discount and it integrates with MailChimp so you can send the unique discount code in a welcome email through an automated campaign. The app enables you to define a custom code pattern, e.g. HELLO-XXXXX and the actual codes will be like HELLO-GR8DL or HELLO-A2JSO. You can install Personal Discount at

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Why isnt your app in the shopify app store?