Embarrassingly Terrible Conversion Rate - How to fix this?

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My website Wabo, which sells stainless steel water bottles has absolutely awful conversion rates. I get just about 100 visitors a page and about 75% are paid through Facebook Ads and Google Adwords.

According to my "Online Store dashboard" my Purchased percentage is 1.03%. This number is artificially high because MANY of my orders are from friends and family so they would have ordered anyway.

Any tips on how to increase conversion rate? Through my UI? Or do you think I'm just generating unqualified traffic from my ads?



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Hi Chris,

Great to see your store up and running! Personally I thought you have a pretty good-looking website. The look and feel is positive and there is no obvious gaping flaw as such.

Sure you can improve a few things such as ensuring social follow buttons open in the new tab. But most of these things are add-ons and you still should be able to do well without them. 

As for the low conversion rate, a good way to go about it, I feel, is to do extensive A/B testing and take constant feedback from your customers. There are few A/B testing and website optimization tools on App store that help you with pagewise analytics and heat maps. That should give you some insights into where the leakage is, how much time people spend on key areas such as homepage, product page, etc. So for instance I'd try to understand that whether people are actually watching the full video or if they are leaving midway. Data is everything!

Another idea to improve conversion rate is to add social proof to your website. I can see you have "Wabos of the world" page linked to your Instagram which is great. But I think it makes sense to add user testimonials on the home page so that you can guide the user journey. May be you can artificially create some activity so that the visitor feels more convinced. 

Is "Want to submit a photo" working for you? Seems a bit elaborate approach to me as I am not sure if the user has any incentive to do so in early days unless, of course, she is super happy with your product. Sorry for the self-plug here but I could not help but feel Incent Social might be helpful for you. It allows you to reward your customers for posting photos on Instagram, collect and curate them to publish shoppable galleries. You can start for free and easily run Instagram UGC and influencer campaigns without spending much effort or time. I can offer you upto 50% off lifetime discount on all paid plans if you are interested. Again don't mean to hijack for self-promotion so apologies if you are not interested.

Happy selling!



Sumit D


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Hi Chris! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

I absolutely love your product idea and the homepage structure, very engaging.

I recommend using stronger calls to action on your homepage, as while the images look amazing, the top part “When you place stickers on your bottle, it becomes yours” doesn't really sell the real benefit for the customer – make sure the call to action tells about strong benefits and encourages people to shop with you.

WABOS of the world is an excellent addition, I love it!

Your product is great, your website looks excellent, I’m guessing the price is right, so all you need is just organic traffic [please do not rely on paid ads]; make sure the traffic is as tailored and as relevant as possible in order to improve your conversion. Best of luck!

Email me if you need help improving your website!

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Maggie Tuczapska



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The reason must be non engaging website for customers. Check for buyer person what the actually looking for. 

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Hi Chris, 

I agree with adrinalexander. The difficulty for you it seems, is that everyone drinks water. It's difficult because whoever starts targeting everyone will be targeting nobody. Especially with a limited marketing budget. 

I suggest you brainstorm specific customer niches and reach out to them manually. In events, social media, forums, etc. The more specific the market, the better. For example, thriathlon practitioners, country-side workers, gym goers of a specifically narrow area, etc.  

You're in Validation Phase now. Which means you need to find a market for your product before you start spending in advertising. 

I'll be running a webinar next week about which phases you go through and how should you measure progress. I think it would be interesting for you: How to Use Data to Grow Sales to Your Store.

Hope to see you there!

Ramon Bez
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What are you doing to re-engage visitors? I heard a statistic once that said 96% of all visitors don't convert on their first visit. Around 50% take 3-4 visits.

Here are some methods you could consider if not using them yet.

  • Ad Retargeting - place pixel on your site, have either disply ads show on 3rd party sites, social media sites, or adwords/google searches
  • Email Remarketing - specifically useful for abandoned cart emails. 
  • Website push notifications remarketing - allows you to drive visitors even if you never captured their email. And without the need of spending lots of $$ on retargeting ads. Also works for abandoned carts.
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Im wondering if your mission statement:

To rid the world of single-use disposable bottled water.

is not be the best thing to tell your visitors. Right away you are driving way plastic water bottle drinkers.

Seems to me you ought to be trying to change their ways in a more subtle and gently persuasive way. After all, many people have multiple water bottles because its is much a "fashion" statement as an ecological concern.

Sure you can own other water bottles, and some of them are really cool, but look what the WABA has going for it.

Maybe your 1% is all the diehard anti plastic crusaders, when if you appealed to the naughty plastic toting peple you could gain another 5%.

Depends how you look at your customer.

Is your WABA half full or half empty !


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Hey Chris, I'm actually having the same problem with conversions.  My product is a universal carrier for the active lifestyle and actually is a killer water bottle holder!  Maybe we should team up and do some cross promotion!  As for answers I wish I had some.  I'll show some love and grab a bottle!

Also any advice anyone else has regarding my site, I'm having similar difficuties.  www.kangeaux.com 

Any suggestions welcome.


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Hi Z,

I'm interested in teaming up. It looks like we have a good fit here. Can you email me at at chris@mywabo.com and we can discuss the details?