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Hello fellow shopifiers!


I won't waste a lot of your time so i'll get straight to the point. When I am creating ads with Facebook, I have an error when previewing my URL on facebook ads. Whenever I try to preview my URL, it prompts me with this errorerror 1.PNG

So after reading their guidelines, I believe that my website is within their community standards. Looking deeper, I tried their debugging site to see what is the problem, and it gave me this error



Next thing I did was to click on every link that I can click on but it does not help one bit. So I tried contacting Facebook. I have been trying to contact them for weeks now but to no avail. The only way I could contact them was through reporting a problem and until now, they have not responded back to me on how to rectify the problem. I have been sending them " report a problem" every other day for about 3 weeks now. HELP PLEASEEEEE!!!!! 


Hi Seasonal, 


That's very unfortunate, your store is obviously legit, 

My best guess is that they didn't get your content... which is probably something that only cat owners will get, that cats love hiding and picking from boxes,

I guess that either Facebook rep or their bots think that you're selling and shipping cats in boxes...


I'd suggest you contact Facebook business support here:

scroll down and send them an Email and describe your problem.


I have a long relationship with Facebook, so I filed a " If you think this is a mistake, please let us know" on the FB debugger link, hope they'll reconsider. 


"I don't see any reason why this website be considered as violating Facebook standards at the moment, I think that someone didn't understand the content of the website, thinking that they sell cats... when they don't ! To my understanding they only show cats playing in boxes, and they only sell pets products, from my experience , I don't see any violation, and suggest to reconsider."


To be on the safe side, consider to replace the front image.


Maybe i'm way off here, but I really don't see any reason why your website be blocked... that's the only thing I can think of and I know Facebook's TOS by heart.


Good luck!


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