Exclude Coupon from discounted products!

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Anyone has the solution to disallow coupon use, or, exclude the coupons to affect items on sale?

There is a workaround that didn't work anymore after implementing Product Discount by BOLD.

I am aware of this workaround. Goes like this:

Set all product's compare price = 0.00. Create a collection of regular priced items and create coupons to only apply to this collection. All good-ish until you have to create bulk discounts and I chose Product Discount to do it. Can't use compare price = 0.00 for Product Discount. And it is also a very very bad workaround. Imagine a sale of 200 products -> you now have to set all products' compare price to the original price, and then "now price" to the sale price.

Is there a solution or update anytime to shopify's discount coupon (dys)-functionalities?


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Hey, Esther!

Patrick, a Shopify Guru here :)

If I’m reading you correctly, you’re looking to create a discount that will only work with items that that are not on sale.

If so, you could create a new collection which has only the items that are not on sale in it and then you could apply your discounts to this new collection. This way if you created a discount it would only apply to products that are not on sale.

If you created an automated collection then using your product CSV you could add a tag to all the items that aren’t on sale so when you re-upload your products they would be automatically added to the new “discount” collection. If you decide to upload the CSV make sure to turn your sales off. If you don’t the Product Discount app could disconnect and you might not be able to end the sales without removing the app completely.

Then when one item is no longer on sale you give it the new tag and it’s added to “discount" collection. You could also create a similar automated collection for items that are on sale and when you want to put them on sale you would add the “sale” tag and they would be automatically added to the other collection.

Hope that helps

Patrick :)

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Yes please. The "workarounds" for coupons are really difficult right now.

If something is already discounted it should not be applied to a coupon. For example I have an upsell app, which gives a 20% discount already... but the 25% off coupon I hand out FURTHER discounts everything in the cart. Not good.