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Hi Lilith,


With this particular ad I used an offer ad, providing a 30 percent off coupon. I got close to 100 clicks before I shut down the ad. I have run an engagement ad that got over 100 likes but only 6 clicks and obviously no sales. I was able to get 6 likes for my facebook page though by inviting people who liked the post to like my page. Other than that, I have run a few engagement ads, which got a lot of impressions but no likes or clicks. I was not spending very much money - $10/day max so maybe if I increased my budget and let the ads run longer as you suggest. I have problems narrowing the audience. Even when I choose an audience of females 25-34 who like camping, which is leaves me with about 800,000 people, it still says my audience is fairly broad. I think my creative and copy is good, so I don't what I'm doing wrong. Maybe it's my site although I thought it was pretty good Anyway, I'm taking a break because I'm making some changes to my brand which will narrow the target audience a bit and hopefully make my products visually more appealing. Thanks for your response and I will check out the link you sent. 

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@Splash_Market sounds like you've been leveling up your Facebook ad skills! That's awesome!

One thing I should mention is that most customers that are new to your brand and haven't heard of it, might not jump into a 30% off offer right away. Remember that potential customers need to know, like, and trust you before they buy. 

I'd recommend working on valuable content that speaks to that demographic. This helps them know your brand, what you're about, and trust you. Nurturing customer relationships will help you in the long run since converting past customers is far less expensive than converting new customers. Content marketing is definitely a bigger converter than offers and will also have customers stay on the site a bit longer. This blog post might be a good place to get some tips to help you with this.

On the topic of your target audience, I did notice that if your audience is even 100K Facebook will still see that as broad. Don't worry about that for now since you're trying to get eyes on your site. Make sure that you narrow down the demographics you need especially the interests. We have a page in our Encyclopedia on Buyer Personas that I think will help you tremendously with refining that target market.

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