FB ads - clicks but no sales

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I've started my store 6 weeks ago and have spent $200 on FB ads but only got 1 sale.

I have tried several different audiences and products.

I'm using Conversion - View Content ads to get data for my pixel.

I've started to create lookalike audiences based on my website traffic (600 visitors in 6 weeks). No idea if this will work though.

When should I start using Add to cart/Purchase conversion ads instead of View Content? Will this help?

Is it because I'm targeting the wrong audience or because my product pages aren't good enough?



Thx a lot in advance!


Hello ,

As I can see your website looks Good.

Well.., Many things matters to drive more results from existing traffic. Let’s take a closer look at the strategies, might useful to you.

Ads Intelligence: While serving ads on online market, there are many competitors who beat us. More on attractive infographics, gorgeous offers and eye-catching content makes ads more successful and stand in front of competitors. So the content can work smarter, and not harder, for you.


Landing Page Optimization: An important part of high converting. Ads can drive traffic on website but we need to make sure that are our landing pages or website is complete user-friendly and fully potentials to convert users into leads for the sales.

Campaign Optimization:

  • Facebook Audience Optimization (Determine the right audience for your posts or ads)
  • Add interest based group
  • Exclude the non-relevant group
  • Add lookalike audience
  • Targeted location
  • Targeted Demographics (Age & Gender)
  • Bidding strategy Optimization
  • Optimization Goals

Optimization for Ads Delivery: if you optimize your ad campaign for Conversions, Facebook will deliver your ads to the people who are most likely to convert after seeing your ad. Basically, you’re telling Facebook’s algorithms what your anticipated results are and who should see your ads.
Conversion strategy will work only if your audience database is eligible or your saved audience have enough conversion data of audience. There should be at least 50 conversions in your Facebook to set up the Conversions as an ad delivery result.
I would recommend to keep the “view content” till collect the conversion audience database for Facebook pixel.
Also as mentioned above check with other optimization such as Ads Intelligence, Landing Page Optimization*
Hope this will help you to get more result.

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Hey, @MyPurryFriends!


My name is Lilith, I'm on the Social Care team at Shopify. Congratulations on your new store launch!


Site Feedback


I think you've done a great job on your site. It's well thought out and built with your customer in mind. There is only one item that might help to modify. The pop up that shows up when the site loads is a spin wheel:




This is not necessary to change however it can improve your email subscriber growth. The spin wheel is often a bit overused by new stores, which can be less effective to grow your email list. In most cases, you can opt for a simple branded pop-up with an offer of 10-15% off their first purchase. Since you're using Privy, this can be done with the app. Privy is one of my favorite ones to work with for these pop-ups.


Offering a small discount upfront will improve the efficacy of your popup and will give the customer a solid known reward for allowing you to market to them. The wheel might be best during bigger promotional events, for example, Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM). Using the wheel in limited amounts would keep it interesting and exciting for visitors.


Advertising Tips


Although, I don't have too much information on your ad details I'll give some general tips on this area. If you're running Facebook ads, your pixel will begin to optimize better as you gain more information from your ads and site activity. There aren't any hard and fast rules on how to run your campaigns, but since you're starting off with View Content ads, your pixel will optimize on getting people into your store to view the page you're linking in your ad. This is a great first step to "seasoning" your pixel with data.


Once you've gained at least 100 Add to Carts using the View Content ads, this is when I would normally advise switching to Add to Cart ads. The reason for this is that with data on Add to Cart you'll spend less on your ads aiming at Add to Cart. Otherwise, you'll likely spend much higher amounts to gain any Add to Cart conversions without some previous data that the pixel can learn from.


The best way to tell if you've got the right target audience is to check in on your Conversion funnel found on your Analytics Dashboard. See the image below for an example:




If you're seeing an Add to Cart (ATC) rate of 8-10%, the likelihood that you're hitting the perfect audience is high. If it's lower than that range, you may be off-target. The higher the ATC rate the more interest the visitors appear to have in the product. Once you establish interest you can work on converting purchases.


Let me know if that helped! I'm happy to answer any questions you think of as you work on your business.

Lilith | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi there, 

First of all. I would like to inform you that Facebook ads work in three stages:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration 
  • Conversion
    1. Awareness: In this, you try to get people’s attention. You do that through awesome content that helps them solve some problems. Then you pull them back to your site as this website traffic will help you create a new custom audience.

 2. Consideration: After creating awareness, you capitalize by sending those people offers to keep them engaged with your brand.! In this way, your brand should still be fresh in their minds. The more people continue to see your brand, the more they start trusting you.


3. Conversions: You’ve now done all the hard work. You’ve built up attention and trust. Here’s your time to shine. Once again, you’ll target the brand new leads you just generated in the last step. This time, they will be more ready and willing to buy.


This looks a little time-consuming because it is. But that’s OK because it’ll be worth the effort.

As you are using Lookalike audience it is convenient for the advertisers to target the right kind of audience so that many relevant advertisements can be created for such type of audiences. 

With audience optimization, you can target your Facebook posts to the segments of your page’s audience that are most likely to be interested in it.

Last, but not least, choose your budget wisely. Keep in mind the target audience and the market you wish to serve. Competitor analysis is a good point to start with. Make sure your budget meets the industry standards and it does not pinch your pocket harder.

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Facebook is one of the best platforms to run product ads. And Trackify X is the best application for that. 

If you want to get SERIOUS about your FB ads overall with rich data-driven tools and insights, Trackify is HANDS-DOWN the only facebook pixel app out there that really delivers results.

Definitely recommend giving it a shot to see for yourself.

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I visited your web store and it look very good indeed. Great effort.

In terms of ads i will strongly recommend you to work with Google shopping opportunity provided by shopify. We all get tempted to run to Facebook because of the millions of active users worldwide! However, the bottom you´re looking for is SALES and nothing less. Trust me, am not an expert but i can tell you something. Before i determine to join e-commerce, where do i get get information when i want to buy something? you already know the answer! - I google it. I believe me, i have not gotten to know anyone who spend hours searching Facebook on what they want for a wedding day or the kind of cat as pet. People usually ask google to tell them where to get it. Now, my point is not in any way to paint Facebook and other social cycle bad, but indicate the natural truth behind the whole iceberg. There are some businesses and niches that needs ordinary traffic and they are mainly and certainly not shop. You can use Facebook to scrap leads. There are tones of leads on facebook, yes for your email marketing but not primarily e-commerce. That´s all i have for you, i hope you feel me. I wish you good luck in your biz.

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Purry Friends,

I am having the same problem. Your site looks great. I think mine does too www.splashmarketmedia.com - but I am getting lots of clicks on my FB ads but no sales - even with an offer for 30% off! Did things end up turning around for you and how did you do it? 


@MyPurryFriends how are you doing?

I have seen a lot of suggestions about your post. Since you have decent traffic but just one sale in your store, have you considered getting closed to the traffic to learn why that happened? You can actually do w survey to get the problems.

I also read in your post that you've done different insight, are you sure this is properly done? Effective insight always brings result. Maybe you learn more

I have checked your Facebook channel and I can see that you have a reasonable and decent engagement bon your posts. Thiseans that you need to consult an expert to help you get this fixed properly and you start having result.

All the best as you are taking the next step forward.

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@Splash_Market what types of ads are you running? There are several factors that can cause you to not get sales, and still have high click rates. However, this totally depends on your Facebook Ad objective, audience targeting, link, product fit, copy, and other areas.

Have you tried to do an analysis of your business marketing plan or ad statistics? If not, I definitely recommend trying out this guide here to specifically help determine some areas that can be adjusted a bit in your Facebook Ads to help you get some traction.

Remember that ads can sometimes take a week or two to fully optimize as it gathers pixel data. The longer you run ads, the more data that the pixel will collect on your site, and in turn your ads will become smarter!

Moreover, using anything other than the purchase/conversion objective will cause Facebook to search for those users that are more likely to achieve that objective. This means that if you are running ads with the objective of page views or clicks, then Facebook would only look for people who will click or view. On the other hand, if you choose the purchase objective (after your pixel is optimized), Facebook will search for users that have a high chance of purchasing on your site.

Lilith | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi ,

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