FaceBook Ad not Converting Properly

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I don't know if anyone has encountered this issue with FB Ads before, but basically we started running ads from April 15 until April 19. According to the report, there were 29,000 impressions but only 10 clicks on call to action (purchase). During this time, we also received only 8 purchases via Amazon, which is where we are directing customers to. 

We are targeting a defined but broad target audience (Major US cities such as SF, LA, NYC, SD), people who are into wellness, physical fitness, outdoors activities, organic foods, vegetarian, natural products. 

Our ad isn't super gripping but it focuses on the product well and delivers a clear message about the brand and what we are selling. 

Our store can be found at www.good-zebra.com. If someone could please advise, that would be wonderful!

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Looking at the ad.  TBH i think it is dog treats.  It looks to me like ONCE they click on the ads 8/10 are converting.  so the problem is with your ad.  either the creative or the copy.  thats alot of impressions for only 10 clicks.  something is not enticing them to click.  to me, i thought it was dog treats.  and if you're targeting wellness people, you're showing them something they cant relate to.  

Try 3 or 4 different creatives.  Same copy/link/targetted audience.  use one with some people in it being healthy.  Try different styles.  do taht at $10/day and whichever one converts the best, ramp it up.  if some are doing terrible, cut them off.  I typically run 5 or 6 $5/day ads with subtle differences.  Whichever converts i push that full, and back the losers off


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Hey Ilona,

It may not be a problem with your facebook ad at all - the reason that you are seeing such high impressions and low clicks is because you are targeting such a broad audience that Facebook showed your ad to a lot of people in such a short amount of time. The clicks confirm that your ad wasnt relevant to this audience.


You can improve this by refining your audience to pinpoint accuracy. Let me know if you need help!



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Hey Ilona,

After hearing the number of impressons and looking at the ad there are a few things I'd test out. 

1. As far as the visuals for the ad, I'd recommend adding some copy as an overlay on top of the image. Again this should add in clarity on what you add is trying to do. (hopefuly increase clicks from the "right" impressions). Here's simple example I threw together with pablo.buffer.com

Link: https://ibb.co/cVhqBQ

2. Another thing I'd mention, is that targetting really matters, I feel like you could narrow down from Cities to something more specific in regards to audience interests. Here's FB's article to use as a good start: 


In your particular case, I'd maybe look at the nutrition interest to start with. Here's a gif recording of where to find these in the FB ads manager when creating a new ad http://recordit.co/vPuxCok64o.gif

Hope this was helpful!


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Hi Ilona,

I agree with the above comments, you haven't got a headline that explains who the product is for.

All good ads have 3 components.

1. Here is what I've got to offer you

2. Here is what it will do for you

3. Here is how you can get it

Once you point out these 3 elements clearly and easily everyone who sees your as knows exactly what the product is, how it benefits them and how they can get it.

Does that make sense?

I noticed your quiz on your website too, I would definitely run the quiz as an ad to start collecting leads.

quizzes are great viral tools on Facebook and they can be a great method to get free leads for nurturing.

How do tattoos tie into the crackers? Could this be another audience you might want to test?

It might be worth looking into as this seems to be part of or USP.

I would definitely test some of these suggestions especial the 3 part as copy formula.

Good luck!