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I just had my facebook ad account completely banned and I have no idea why. My product and niche is very TOS friendly so Im not sure where I could have gone wrong. Anyway, I have appealed it but Im wondering should I create a new email and fb business account or is my IP marked and ill just get banned again instantly.
I am considering changing my main marketing platform away from FB due to reasons such as this and their lack of customer support. My product is insta influencer friendly but Im also wondering how google ads perform. 
Can someone shed some insight into the alternatives to FB ads and/or what I should do to get running on facebook again?




Hi @nlim391 


For Dropshipping stores, Facebook Ads are the holy grail. Accounts are getting banned due to a number of reasons sometimes violating their terms and conditions without even knowing. Once you request a review, see what they say and try to go into your entire ad and see what you can fix and read the guidelines again.


You may create a new account under a different email and business account. If there is something in your ad that violates their policies, you will get banned again.

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The closest alternative to Facebook Ads would be Snapchat and Pinterest Ads. By no means though, does this replace what Facebook and Instagram can do. Google Ads is demand-responsive while Facebook Ads is demand-generation.


Facebook support are getting better at explaining account bans, but sometimes they won't reveal why. It can be wise to also setup your new ad account with a new credit card.

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one of my friends faced the same issue! his Domain is banned on Instagram & Facebook! 

He is unable to start an ad campaign, even can't add the website link in the FB page & Instagram bio!

He sends feedback (tell us) so many times but no response from Facebook!

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  1. Contact support. 
  2. Be genuine.
  3. Sound Sincere and worried.
  4. Tell them How important the account was to you, and how it getting banned has caused you to loose all revenue.
  5. They can ban accounts randomly sometimes, all they want is a sincere appeal so they can confirm you are not a bot nor a spammer.
  6. And without waiting for them to respond or expecting them to approve, make 2 new ad accounts. One for immediate use, one as seed for such future mishap.
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Thanks.  This is helpful