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So I made a PPE ad on FB and directed it to a particular product on my website along with a code for them to use (FACEBOOK). I also added a UTM parameter on my FB ad so I could track it using the UTM tracking shopify uses under "Conversion Details" on each order.

Well since then I received one order, they used the discount code which was only advertised on that ad so I know they got it from there, but no UTM parameter on shopifys end that confirms the customer came from the ad?
FB says I received two orders from my ad but I only received one order since the launch of the ad (the one mentioned above).

Whats going on here? This is why I stopped using ads before because I was NEVER able to track them correctly.

I know under the conversion details on Shopify, it should have the UTM code I used in the Facebook ad for tracking purposes.