Facebook Ad purchases dont match Shopify.

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Hi guys, has anybody managed to solve a similar issue. My first 2 months of my site being live everything was perfectly matching. And the next 2 months (this month and last month) it all started going wrong. Ran an ad last week, it stated I made 7 sales but there was no sales on my Shopify. I read a lot about a potential bad pixel. I then created a new pixel to run an ad this week, 3 days in and it states 10 sales, but I have only actually made 5 sales. The 2 ads that are performing badly are both advertising the same product so not sure if it could be something to do with that or not.


Please help. Thanks.


Go to the Events Manager. On the right side, click on the arrow next to the Purchase event. Click "View Details". This will give you a report that tells you the URLs on which the purchase event fires. Check the exact URLs and their dates to help begin diagnosing the purchase events.

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